Who Would you Invite for Dinner?


As I spend more time on this site and read more bloggers and attain more followers (no orange Kool-Aid will be provided to my followers, don’t worry), I see a lot of them post some interactive posts. I like this idea. While I am relatively new here, I don’t think that should stop me or you from playing along and getting to know each other a little better. So, without further ado, I will give you the chance to take part in a question that was first asked of me 20-odd years ago. 

I had a penpal once, back in the day when you would actually have to write a letter with pen and paper, who asked me a very interesting question and it has stuck with me ever since. In the first letter she ever wrote me, it also turned out to be her last (I guess my answer wasn’t to her liking) she asked a not so simple question that I am going to ask you! I had thought of offering a prize for the best answer, but that is subjective. The prize would have been drinks, dinner, whatever. I’m fortunate enough to work where I get sweet travel benefits and I do love to travel. I have a long list of places I have yet to discover! And I’m running out of time to do it. I’m not sick or anything, fear not, it’s just that I can’t envision myself in Dubai forever.

Are you ready?

She asked me, all those years ago, “If you could hold a dinner party and invite 10 guests, living, dead, or fictitious, who would you invite, why, and what would you serve? I will admit, this was a lot for me to wrap my 16 year old brain around. Some of my answers are the same to this day. I think. I actually don’t remember too much about the answers I gave only that I probably gave answers I thought a random stranger wanted to hear rather than people I’d actually like to meet. She probably sensed that and discarded me before spending another $1 on postage.

You don’t have to invite yourself, of course, so your table will seat 11, but I like even numbers so you can invite either 9 or 11 people. You will not be punished for 9, you’ll only be punished if your answers are lame.

Here is my list, as of 18 March, 2014:

1. Marilyn Isitt – I can’t throw a party and not invite my mum. She’d be right at home with this sort of thing and I know, giving our current circumstances, she’d love to see her son again. Besides, without her there, you wouldn’t get her World-famous treats after dinner!

2. My Grandfather – My mum’s dad. He passed away almost two years ago now and I hadn’t seen him in 5 years before that. The best storyteller I ever knew. And him being there would light a fire in my mum!

3. Billy Connolly – He’s a Scottish comedian and he makes me laugh like nobody else on earth. This man is seriously funny. I think he’s the only person capable of showing me up at a dinner party.

4. Dr Sheldon Cooper – Not Jim Parsons, the actor who plays him. I’d want Dr Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory there. See how uncomfortable a table of strangers from diverse backgrounds would make him. I’m thinking he’s spend most of his time with my grandfather.

5. JRR Tokien – I’d want to thank him for instilling the desire in me to write. Nothing more, nothing less.

6. Natalie Portman – This is strictly to give me someone to flirt with at dinner. Hey, I’ll be dolled up; she might actually return the favor.

7. Nina Simone – I’d need someone to provide some entertainment and if there is a better voice than hers, lead me to it.

8. Dylan Thomas – Died before his time. I’d talk to him about his home, his loves, his drinking, and his gift with both English and Welsh.

9. Buddy Holly – Another who died before his time. I’d love to hear his take on modern music, ultra-light aircraft, and whether Richie Valens could have been bigger than Elvis. And, here’s the biggest reason. I had some wonderful times growing up going fishing and camping with my dad and sisters. And Buddy Holly was always there with us. I can’t say his name and not smile.

10. Aslan – The Lion from the Chronicles of Narnia. One of the greatest characters ever invented. Strong, brave, ferocious, yet intelligent, caring and nurturing; the perfect leader and role model, and he sports a wicked mane. If he could talk like Liam Neeson as well that would be perfect.

11. Pele – My first sporting hero. Although I’ve been told it’s not good to meet your heroes, I think I could handle this.

And now, for the food:

I wouldn’t serve a terribly fancy menu, but it would be delightfully delicious. We’d start with your traditional appetizers, which isn’t where I’ll woo my guests. Some may be impressed by the Leek and Potato soup though. Very few of people, myself, my mom, Spinksy and John Charles excluded, have ever had Welsh lamb, braised to perfection, so the meat melts on your fork, not in your mouth. Served with mint jelly, mint sauce, lighted minted gravy, twice roasted potatoes, carrots – just softer than crunchy, and runner beans. Damn, I’ve just gained ten pounds already.

For dessert we’ll have some Welsh Cakes, Tiesen Lap and Bara Brith, all made by my mom’s hands in her kitchen, and of course, some more traditional strawberry rhubarb pie with custard. For the little more daring I’ll also offer up some trifle made with three kinds of sherry.

And that is my list. So, play along. Let’s have some fun and throw elaborate dinner parties. Send your friends along to join in. They do not have to follow my blog in return. I just thought we could all use a fancy party to ring in the new work week.




5 thoughts on “Who Would you Invite for Dinner?

  1. Reblogged this on terezabella and commented:
    This is one of my favourite questions to ask people! Thank you for sharing – sounds like it would be a wildly interesting dinner party! If there ends up being an extra seat, may I join? I’ll bring the wine! 🙂

    • Thank you for stopping by my little blog. Yes, you may attend the dinner party and please help my mum warn me when I’m making inappropriate comments to Natalie Portman. She is a mum now herself. Wine will be provided but more is always welcome.

  2. Okay, this is my dinner party –

    Vicky – my very best friend who I miss terribly since moving away. She has the filthiest sense of humour and we are a bad influence on each other. Any party she goes to is bound to be a lot of fun.

    Captain Arthur Hastings – the quintessential English gentleman and a dashing chap. He will bring a touch of class to the evening and we can talk about cricket. I am hoping that he would flirt with me, but he is probably far too reserved for that sort of carry on.

    Emma Peel from The Avengers – I think she would get on very well with Vicky and me and we could share tales of derring-do and adventure.

    Agatha Christie – I would love to talk to her about her incredible career and maybe pick up some tips.

    Benedict Cumberpatch – he must have been bullied at school, therefore a nice home cooked meal is just what he needs. I like his voice, he could regale us with… something or other.

    Vivienne Westwood – I bet she would be a hoot. I’d also like to ask her what Malcolm McLaren was really like.

    Inspector Morse – he likes his food and drink and as he is an Oxford man we can argue all night long (me being Cambridge, of course). We also share a love of the Classics and we could discuss Cicero over brandy. Murders. We also both like murders.

    Dolly Parton – she seems like a lovely lady and I want to see her boobs in real life.

    My dentist John and my Mum – I think they would make a lovely couple and this would be a great opportunity to help romance blossom. My mum would probably also do most of the clearing up, too.

    For starters, I would prepare my celebrated spicy salmon fishcakes with a cucumber salad. As a main I would probably go for slow roast lamb with rosemary potatoes and steamed vegetables. Desert would be pavlova. There would definitely be cheese and biscuits to follow and a selection of liqueurs for Morse and I to get stuck into.

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