Some Thanks are Due

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends. Sunday means it is back to work for me here in Dubai, but fear not, I do get a two day weekend. Friday and Saturday. Friday is the Muslim Holy day, in case you wanted to know. Not much new to report from me but I do want to share a bit of good, and rather for me, overwhelming news.

I haven’t been actively blogging on this site for long, but a few weeks ago when I blogged about my stutter, I was asked by James Richmond, if I would like to join a group of fellow bloggers and post some articles about living with a stutter in the blog westutterandwedon’tcare. The thought that I would have to produce something on a regular basis was good for me as I struggle mightily with procrastination, and now that I have a regular Wednesday slot, I feel that I don’t want to let the team down. Two weeks down, two articles produced.

Anyway, I received an email notification the other day that some member had given that blog an award, and has also decided that my writing, or my willingness to discuss my stutter so others can understand or learn from it, deserved an award as well. I couldn’t stop smiling.

I started blogging again to get in the habit of writing regularly again. I was hoping I would meet some fellow bloggers and their writing would inspire me. I’m a people person. I like finding out about different people, cultures, how people handle problems differently than I do. I’ve got a small group of people who follow my blog (more follow it daily), and that is cool. I appreciate that. While I write for me, I won’t be so crass as to say I don’t like gaining more readers. If we didn’t want people to hear what we say, we wouldn’t blog. Yes, releasing some of this stuff is therapeutic, but if other people can learn from my mistakes or my experiences, that is even better.

So I just wanted to use this blog to say thank you to the other writers at westutterandwedon’tcare for asking me to join them, and a big thank you to Joe Bradshaw for reading the blog, and liking it enough to give praise and an award. The praise would have been enough. The award just blew me away. Thank you again.

And thank you all for stopping by here and the other blog. Hopefully you’ll all learn something from time to time as I learn from you guys.




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