The Sexiest Smell Around

A girl I knew told me once, that according to a survey in some woman’s magazine, one of the sexiest smells to a woman was the smell of a man who hadn’t showered for a couple of days. I guess the rugged, “Aragorn helping Frodo try and get the ring to Mordor” vibe is strong. I questioned this at the time and I still do. I only bring it up now because I just left the break room at work and was standing next to someone who obviously hasn’t washed in at least a couple of days.

While Dubai is a playground for the decadent and those who want to pretend to be decadent; it is also a playground for those who are here because they can make more money as a cleaner or laborer here than as an accountant in their home countries. That, my friends, is a sad reality of life. I fit somewhere nicely between the two extremes. I have an average one bedroom apartment, I don’t have a car, and if I’ve got money left over at the end of the month after all my expenses (including trying to put some away for retirement if that day comes), it is a good month. And I’m fine with that. Anyway, back to the sexiest smell in the world.

In no way, shape, or form, do I find body odor sexy. Granted, women do not omit the same type of bodily smells that men do on a normal basis, so you are more likely to smell a little less pungent, but come on, seriously? Two days without bathing is the sexiest smell ever? A guy going two days without shaving? Sure, that I would buy. Two days without combing his hair for the real haggard look? Okay, I might buy that as well. But two days without bathing?

“But if he’s wearing cologne or deodorant…” Yeah, I can hear you droning on about that too. Move out here. Come to Dubai. Walk in to an elevator where all you can smell is week old body odor and excessive amounts of cologne or perfume. It does not even remotely add up to sexy. I’m just throwing this out there. The cologne or perfume stings your eyes and the body odor makes your nose bleed. Nothing says, “damn, we should get it on” like puffy eyes and a bloody nose. Except for spinach in your teeth. No one, and I repeat no one, can resist spinach in your teeth.

I’m all for a good perfume on a woman, but you don’t want to bathe in it. Apply it modestly so the guy you’re with has to come in close to really get its essence. Learned that from reading too! Other smells I like, but aren’t terribly sexy include a match being lit (although some types of people might find that sexy), my mum’s Welsh cakes being made on a griddle, cinnamon, and believe it or not, popcorn at a movie theatre. Yeah, weird. I know.

I am very curious to hear what others think about this. I know people like to read and not comment, and that is cool, but let’s have a little fun here. Ladies and gentlemen, humor me. Is there a sexy smell? 



12 thoughts on “The Sexiest Smell Around

  1. That is so gross. Eeewww!!!
    I sometimes Thank God that I cannot smell that well (sometimes some one else has to point out that the gas is leaking …its that bad) But I do get some very strong smell (according to others) very mildly, mostly the smell of Jasmine flower and my mom’s veg kurma, but that too it has to be in very close vicinity of my nose. So I wouldn’t know anything about any smell being sexy.

    • There are days I wish I had the same problem as you and not a stutter. Lol. The smell of good food is always something wonderful. Couple that with the sound of it cooking as well and it’s a pretty special thing.

      • I’ve stopped reading magazines pretty much entirely besides photography magazines. My own alternate universe is fine for me.

      • They are great conversation starters especially when you are pointing out the absurd ideas some poor schmuck came up while on coffee with little sleep…….

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