Things that are on my Mind Today

Everybody likes lists. Well, I tolerate them. But I do see how they are very easy to read and follow, and when grocery shopping (because I’m scatterbrained at the best of times), they do come in handy. So, because everybody else loves lists, and because I can tolerate them, today I will just have a list of things that are on my mind these days. Some annoy me, some amuse me, others are just thoughts that won’t go away.

1. There, They’re, Their – It really does bug me to no end when these are misused. The same goes for To, Too, Two and of course Its, and It’s.

2. The girl in my online writing class who told me, and I’m quoting her written text message here, “that my story lacked credibility because my grammer was not so well.” Her input was dutifully discarded.

3. Why is it that when I send a present via car it is called a shipment and when I send that same present via a ship it is called cargo? Discuss amongst yourselves. Or with me. I do like to talk back.

4. Ten years on, I still don’t see what all the fuss was about Lost in Translation.

5. Why is Spandex made above say, size 18? And why do men ever think it is appropriate to wear without shorts over top of it?

6. Why do birds suddenly appear?

7. If there is nothing sexier than a sense of humour, why don’t I get a boner every time I see Carrot Top? (Really glad I don’t, by the way)

8. People who misquote movies, song lyrics, or books. Learn it properly before you spout it as wisdom. Same thing for a joke. And please leave stand-up routines to the professionals.

9. I’m really super annoyed right now with friends who have never owned a passport and therefore have never left their respective countries whining, bitching, and moaning about how bad their respective countries are. See the fucking world and then complain! You don’t have a license you cannot complain about a person’s driving. You haven’t set foot outside your own country? You have no basis to complain about your country or any other! (I could probably write a whole post about this one)

10. I can get a McDonald’s soft ice cream cone in Dubai for 1 dirham, which is about 27 US cents. Best deal in Dubai. Not sure if this should excite me so much.

11. I hate people who try to mess with the standard 10 item list.

12. Two words – butt-crack sweat.

13. To self-publish or not to self-publish?

There you go. Just some things that are occupying my obviously underused brain. Enjoy your day everybody.



6 thoughts on “Things that are on my Mind Today

  1. Good Lord 🙂
    Glad that I don’t use lists except may be during my monthly grocery shopping.
    #1: Now that you have said it and it has gotten into my brain, I am gonna keep looking out for that!!! Not nice
    #3: Interesting point. Let us know if you find the answer.
    #6: You want them to call you first ? 😉 I guess this is the only way they will be welcome anywhere. This actually reminded me of the way the relatives who we keep ignoring because we don’t want them to come to our home and knowing that they drop by without any intimation. Now, you have to be all nice and invite them in isn’t. I don’t know if they are related..but that thought just popped up.
    #8: I might be guilty of that. I love using quotes with my photographs.
    #9: Totally agree. I used to do that before I travel. Now I keep my mouth shut.

    • I’ve been guilty of some of these myself. But not the they’re, there, their one. Nope, not that one.

  2. Loved your list. Haha. Amusing and some good points for the pondering. Also I very much agree with your annoyances on their they’re and there!!

    • I’m glad you liked the list. While I know my grammar is not perfect, I do like to think I know when to use there, their, they’re.

      • hehe. well with the english language, and where grammar is concerned, along with stylistic intents, one can play around much. that being said, confusing their friend with the idiot over there is never acceptable, even if they’re no more than idiots themselves. lol

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