A Little Different Glimpse of Dubai

I went for a sunset cruise around the Marina last night. While everyone knows Dubai for its big buildings and stunning architecture, I thought I would post a couple of pictures to show you all that there is some beauty here as well.

And for the record – Dubai is simply beautiful at night when it’s all lit up.



As the yacht ventured back towards the Marina from floating out on the open water, I decided to take this photo. Trying to be artistic. Not sure if it worked out or not.


The iconic Burj al Arab and Jumeirah hotel lit up for night.


Coming back to the yacht club after dark. None of these boats are mine, for the record.



My backyard. I leave my apartment, turn left, and 27 seconds later I’m at the waterfront. Despite all the buildings, she really is something to look at when the sun goes down.





6 thoughts on “A Little Different Glimpse of Dubai

    • I nearly moved to Red Deer. I find Dubai quite ugly during the day. Too grey and artificial. At night it takes on a different look though. And there is beauty everywhere my friend. Sometimes even when I look in the mirror. lol.

    • I think Dubai is one of those cities people need to see once. Such a great place to people watch for starters. And the architecture is amazing if I’m being honest.

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