There’s a few Holes in the Bucket

Here’s another list for you. But this time, this is my latest incarnation of my very own Bucket List. No, I’m not dying (well, I am, but we all are if you take the viewpoint that everyday we live is one day closer to death). Morbid, I know, but whatever. I’m healthy. I just wanted to post this. And please, comment. Let’s discuss things we want to do, we would never do, and things we can all do together. I don’t have to do all of these alone.

Take pictures of leopards in Africa

Take pictures of tigers in India

Take pictures of jaguars in Brazil

Take pictures of polar bears/spirit bears in the Arctic/Northern Canada

Learn a new language

Finish writing the Penny Collector

Find a publisher/publish Aaric

Have a writing room and a view of the water

Visit the great romantic/poetic cities – Paris, Prague, St Petersburg, Budapest – and write in tiny cafes and poorly lit hotel rooms

Visit Comic Con in San Diego

Find “Home”

Golf in South Africa

Do something extraordinary for every 5th birthday!! (Starting at 45)

Learn to swim/snorkel/scuba dive

Finally be the person my friends believe I am

See a blue-footed booby on the Galapagos Islands

Climb Mt Kilimanjaro

Sing karaoke in Japan

Take a cooking class in Italy or France

Take a helicopter ride

Spend New Year’s Eve in New York

Spend St Patrick’s Day in Dublin

See an ocelot/snow leopard/caracal in the wild

Be an extra in a Hollywood/Bollywood movie (again)

Stay one night in the Burj al Arab

Catch a marlin or other big game sport fish (catch and release of course)

See the Terracotta Army

Seduce a girl in a foreign language

Own property

Have a great collection of coffee table books

Learn to play a musical instrument

Do volunteer work of any kind

Ride the Orient Express

Dip my foot in the Arctic Ocean (I’ve done the Atlantic/Pacific/Indian already)

Own a suit from Savile Row



32 thoughts on “There’s a few Holes in the Bucket

  1. I too have the tigers on my list. Been wanting to do that for ever. I am actually trying to gather a few to do it this year. Fingers crossed.

    Language ? I am still trying to learn Spanish. And I don’t think I will do it any time now.

    Why karaoke in Japan ? any special reason?

    I did a helicopter ride in Canyon. Was just awesome (especially with my fear of heights).

    You were an extra in a Bollywood movie ? What was that 🙂

    I never understood the importance or glamour of coffee table books.

    The toughest of the lot I think is finding that place called ‘Home’.

    • I found a couple of great tours to see tigers so hopefully that will be done next March. I’m off to Kruger Park in South Africa in August so hopefully I’ll scratch leopard off my list.

      I’m torn between Spanish and French. I just applied for a job in France so maybe I’ll have reason to learn French.

      The Japanese invented karaoke. They love it there.

      I was an extra in a Hollywood film many years ago. They were filming a race scene and used the crowd at a local football game during halftime of the match. I had tickets in the first couple of rows but I’m not sure if you can see me. lol.

      The coffee table books I want would just be of photos I’ve taken on my various vacations. A different kind of keepsake I suppose.

      Definitely a tough one is finding home.

      • Nice 🙂 Good luck on the South Africa trip.

        I always thought French was very difficult. I have been to Paris earlier and recently after visiting Spain, I think I like hearing Spanish rather than French 🙂 And All the best for your job.

        I love Karaoke and love to sing but have done it only once (thank god it was a good experience) and I am too shy to really go and sing in public.

        I thought you were in a Bollywood movie 🙂 and if the coffee table books are based on photographs and travels of yours then it totally should be there 😀

      • Nope, not Bollywood. Although here in Dubai, they do a lot of filming for Bollywood films so there is that chance I guess.

        Yup, my photos. And thanks for the well-wishes about the job. I’ve got to do the writing sample this evening.

    • Well, that sounds like a solid plan. If I’m not on my tiger tour then Dublin would be perfect…

  2. Love your list! Mine is much shorter I think:

    Swim in the Pacific-never been west

    See the Grand Canyon

    Drive a fast car on the Salt Flats in Utah & the Autobahn

    Build a cabin on a lake surrounded by bluffs where I can jump off cliffs and write with a gorgeous view

    Finish my book!

  3. I love “have a great collection of coffee table books,” that’s one I’ve never seen before but also a subconscious goal of mine. I’ve done a few of these things and someday I intend to write a post about my own list 🙂

    • You should write a post about it. And each one I cross off will be a post or two no doubt. I’m off on safari in Africa in August so hopefully I’ll finally get a good shot of a leopard.
      As for the coffee table books, I am planning on making a few of my own from photos I’ve taken on my travels. But I love the feel of a big, clunky, hard-covered book.

    • First off, thank you for stopping by and commenting.
      Secondly; not in the least bit evil.

      I never make New Year’s resolutions, and while I call this a bucket list, if none of them happen, I won’t lost sleep over them. Life is hard enough without feeling inadequate that you failed at a goal you set yourself – whether a realistic or fantastical one. Life happens. Stop and smell the roses, have an extra espresso if you want one. Flirt with random strangers if you so desire. You don’t need a list to govern that.
      Feel better?

  4. A great list……. I wish a lot of good things too…..going to pet the sharks and seeing a blue whale up close are in the top five…addition visiting a live volcano 😛

    • Live volcano! Now that would be awesome. I understand the sharks thing too. I got to kiss a penguin. Wasn’t on my bucket list but still pretty awesome.

      • I have seen the tigers, walked with a wild wolf and on occasion foxes , done some rafting in the rapids…… I am pretty adventurous; I am also a bookworm…. So it doesn’t always work out.

      • All very cool. If you don’t mind me asking, where are you currently living? Can you do all of that from where you are? If I have overstepped, I apologise. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.

        And there’s nothing wrong with being a bookworm! What is last great book you have read?

      • India…………I have traveled the lengthen and breadth of the country…… It has varied landscapes…. and lots of different animals; I love animals, trained in equestrian arts in an army cantonment that is nearby…… My grandfather used to own camels…. 🙂

        I don’t read fiction by accomplished authors much; The last great book I read was Steve Jobs’ biography; I prefer mostly scientific journals and financial articles; occasionally political debates…..

      • Very interesting. I don’t follow the best published lists either. I do read fiction as I like to write fiction. I love animals as well. Should have worked with them if I’m honest but writing is another passion.

      • I am sort of torn between too many hobbies and choices because I love so many things……. So I usually choose the most outrageous of them all……. Makes it more fun that way…….and I love watching people look gobsmacked….


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