diamond in a not-so-rough Patch

So, maybe this is old news but I saw a video this morning posted by a friend on Facebook and it has me, for lack of a better word, wondering what the Hell is going on these days.

This wasn’t a video (thankfully) about a school shooting or some other kind of terrible disaster or event. No, this was a video of one woman, and I think she’s the host of some show I’ve never heard of, going to get a procedure done. And this procedure, is something called vajazzled. Yeah, not a real word.

Do any of you remember that Bedazzling fad? You know, people would put shiny sequines on things and you could turn your boring old jean jacket into something shiny; so shiny you could attract fish with it! The Bedazzler was a handy tool that made this process easier. This new fad, and in the video the lady who performs the procedure says it is popular with brides on their wedding day, takes the principles of the Bedazzler, but instead of putting shiny beads on your clothes, girls are attaching Swavorski crystals on their vaginas – hence, vajazzled!

Personally, I think this would be all the rage with strippers. Could you imagine a girl spinning around a pole to “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” by Rihanna and she drops the g-string and hundreds of little diamonds are sparkling at you? Well, can you? Sure beats the traditional “landing strip” or cheesy tattoo!

I’m a furry little bastard, so this whole “smooth enough to fasten anything onto my skin” concept is beyond me. Plus, if I’m honest, if I were to meet a girl and things advanced to the stage where clothes came off and I was greeted with that sight, well, I think I’d blurt out something like, “I can’t believe I’m about to get lucky with one of those Twilight vampires”.

Vajazzling. My God.



17 thoughts on “diamond in a not-so-rough Patch

    • A friend in Canada read this and admitted she had it done. But she’s in a committed relationship and he knew she was going to do it. Less of a surprise that way I guess.

  1. As the time progresses the tolerance for things that were considered scandalous in nature increases as the fad is often taken up by the slightly bold and adventurous in the newer generations….. the lines in the sand would always shift….. that is human nature.

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