Well Cast Sir, Well Cast

I went to see the movie A Million Ways to Die in the West, yesterday. I went right after going to a basic introduction to photography session put on by a local photography shop and held at a coffee shop in downtown Dubai. I was supposed to go with a friend from work and a couple of people I met through Instagram, but none of them bothered to show up. Good thing I’m sociable and like meeting new people! The session was informative and they offer some really affordable lesson programs as well. Plus, because I’m going to South Africa in August, I asked if they knew any places in Dubai who rented out equipment – specifically long telephoto zoom lenses – and they gave me two contact numbers! All in all, a pretty good way to spend an hour and a half.

Anyway, back to the movie. I don’t know if any of you know about the movie, but it’s by Seth MacFarlane, the mastermind behind the tv series Family Guy and the hit movie about a talking bear, Ted. MacFarlane wrote, produced, directed, and stars in this comedy. And when I say stars, I mean he is the lead actor and the focal point of the movie. He’s not doing a Tarantino here and just showing up for a scene or two. He’s not doing a Hitchcock and just appearing on the screen at a timely moment. Hell, he isn’t even doing a Shamalayan (M. Night for those in the know), who seems to give himself meatier parts in all his films (as an aside to that point – each film has gotten dramatically worse as well … hmmm … coincidence?).

I’m not here to discuss whether MacFarlane has the acting chops to carry a film, even a film with fart jokes aplenty. I’m here to say this, much like I said about Mike Myers and the Austin Powers movies – if you’re going to have control over most aspects of your film (as was the case in both those scenarios) you could do far worse than sending your script to Charlize Theron to play the girl you’re hoping to share some lip to lip screen time with. I’m not giving anything away here – it’s painfully obvious early on this will happen. And you actually want it to! In Mike Myers case, he cast himself against love interests Liz Hurley, Heather Graham, and Beyonce! Well done indeed.

So, if you had dramatic license to cast any lead opposite you, and you knew there was going to be some lip to lip screen time, who would it be? I don’t want to hear you say my boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife. That’s fine and I appreciate and respect your love and commitment for them. But let’s have a little fun here. You know there’s that one star you’d love to plant one on … So, who is it?



29 thoughts on “Well Cast Sir, Well Cast

    • Nothing wrong with Charlize. Well, she doesn’t return my calls, so that’s a little wrong. And I asked my readers to name someone. I don’t have to name anyone. lol.

      • Oh she hasn’t ? Its her miss.
        Well, we need the fun too and its only fair to expect it isn’t 😉

      • Totally her miss! Yes, it is fair. But I still see you haven’t responded. For me, Natalie Portman was always the one actress. Always. So I’ll go old school and still say Natalie. Happy?

      • 😀 Thank you. I did not respond because I did not have anyone in mind and I never had any crush on anyone.
        If I really have to name someone, I will go with Hugh Jackman 🙂

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