Why You don’t want to be Hot

My niece invited into a Facebook chat with her friends over the weekend. They are all either in their late teens or early twenties, and many of them knew me when I still lived in Canada and for some reason they wanted to talk to me. While I am awesome, I can’t imagine I’m awesome to a 20 year old.

After much talking about Dubai, they got on to talking about going to the bar, boyfriends, and other things I’d rather not think about my niece doing. Lol. When the first one of them logged-off, one of the girls I knew already typed, “I wish I was as hot as she is.” This worried me. She’s the younger sister of my niece’s friend, so that makes her about 16 now. And she’s already worried about being hot. I didn’t have a response for her then, other than to shake my head, but I’ve got one now. So, to any of my younger readers here, or those who stumble upon this blog and have a few minutes to kill, here are my two cents on the “Hot” topic.

That girl you see at the beach in the tiny bikini and the apparent perfect body is hot. She’s only hot because you know nothing about her. Hot, to me, is rather vacuous. It’s all about image and not substance. Hot is one dimensional, and not the best dimension either.

If you are going to hold out for definitive to base your life around, aim for beautiful, gorgeous, stunning. Hell, aim for interesting, creative, passionate, intriguing or mysterious. Don’t aim for hot. You don’t want to be hot. Take it from someone who is not hot. And I’m totally fine with that.

Or am I totally talking out of my ass?



28 thoughts on “Why You don’t want to be Hot

      • Insecurity may be ?
        Sometimes am glad to be on the other (least) side of the spectrum ( looks wise ). I have got no/least competition 😉

      • Other more important things for people to get jealous about. And you shouldn’t put yourself down. Especially today when I’m on my soapbox of positivity.

      • Yeah true and so much pressure to keep it up.. Urgh, that is more frustrating.

        OKie. Will try to 🙂

      • I am confused. That was for ‘not to let myself down’ thing right ? Because I so *do not* want to be hot 🙂

      • Yes, it was for the do not put yourself down thing. It’s a quote from the movie the Empire Strikes Back. Just me showing off my inner geek again.

  1. Dear Geraint
    Almost everyone in teenage phase worries about that……. most people eventually grow out of it……. Be supportive and it will work out.

    • I wouldn’t get mad at her. I know it is the case. That would just be my reasoned response.

      • It is easy to preach….. I am just saying……. eventually everyone learns from their mistakes and mature and become a reasonable adult; but that takes time…… and do not pull your hair out in frustration in the meantime… 😛

      • No hair pulling out. I went through it (not the hot part). I was constantly teased and wanted to fit in. I know she’ll get over it eventually. I have faith.

  2. Sixteen is the age when these needless worries start. It those ‘teen’ years. ‘Hotness’ is a gift, but a kind personality is a ‘treasure’. You may not be the stereotypical definition of ‘hot’ but judging from all your posts, you have a good personality. :). ( I am so cheesy, but this is all honest)

    • Hello,
      Firstly, thank you for coming by my blog.
      Now, I know 16 is tough. I was there almost 3 decades ago and it’s probably worse now and definitely worse for girls.
      I had my own demons growing up (a stutter, pigeon-toed, bow-legged) and after a while you learn that the people making fun of you are the ones you don’t want to associate with.

      I have been called hot. lol. Recently I was called “jaw-droppingly handsome”, but he and I will never be because, well, I like girls. lol. And I’m glad I’m more known for my sense of humour and creativity than anything else. That gives me confidence. Once you have confidence, the rest is easy.

      • Haha! Yes confidence is the key. Sadly teenage years are when self esteem is at its lowest and confidence flies out the door. I myself, am far from being hot, pretty is probably a stretch, but I don’t really mind. It was what I was born with. 🙂

      • No need for negativity on my blog, young lady. Lol. You sound confident (I’ve read some of your posts), and you seem to like yourself. All that is good.
        Personally, I feel like a mutt today but I won’t let anyone know it. Lol

      • Out of curiosity, what is the relationship between you and penguins? A favourite animal?

      • The penguin is one of my two favourite animals, yes. And there’s also this.


        Just recently I went to visit the penguins they have at the ski hill here in Dubai and spent an hour feeding them, petting them, and I even got to kiss a couple of them on the head. There’s a picture of it on the we stutter and we don’t care blog on this site I guest blog at.

        And out of curiousity, if it isn’t too much to ask, what is your name? If you don’t want to tell me, that is cool.


      • You are so LUCKY!!! Penguins are adorable! My name’s Stella… but you probably know that…

      • Not sure if I knew it was Stella or not. Not sure I came across in any of the posts I read. Well, anyway, lovely to meet you Stella. Thanks again for stopping by my blog. Hopefully you’ll continue to be as interactive as I really do like responding to comments and learning about people.

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