Is My Blog Ready for a Change????

I’ve been contemplating doing something rather different with my blog these days. Well, I’m not sure it is different really. It was the original idea I had almost 6 years ago now and I still haven’t done anything about it, even though I had a fairly successful blog back then and started another one before I eventually moved over to WordPress.

In 2008 I took part in the NaNoWriMo contest. For those who don’t know it, the objective is to try and write a 50,000 word book in the month of November. At the time, the blog I had on was fairly popular with site users there, and much of it was about my trials and tribulations as a single guy back out in the dating world. It helps that I tend to look at things a little differently than most people. I don’t have a filter, I don’t mince words, and I’m very instinctive and guttural. I also don’t give a shit what people think about me. I am who I am. For the most part, my friends and family love me. And I’m sure there are some people who could have done without meeting me as well. And while I don’t like seeing people angry or sad, there’s little I can do about that now. Life is too short for take-backsies.

For the NaNo that year, several people who read my blog requested that I write a dating advice book for men, such was the absurdness of my blog posts on dating. While they were informative, they were laced with extremely over-the-top and tongue-in-cheek humour that people seemed to relate to or want to read. I knuckled down, found some sort of order for the book I was going to write, and by the end of November, I had completed it. Several people have the book in its entirety and have loved it. I really believe it is the funniest thing I have ever written. Most of the people who have read snippets agree it would work well in the blog format.

So now I must decide if I want to do it. My main concern is the frame of being, for lack of a better term, that I am in right now. Last year sucked, and as I’m getting better every day, I don’t know if I’m ready to deal with the hullabaloo that relationship blogs usually stir up. Mentally, I don’t know if I want that right now. Hmmm.



13 thoughts on “Is My Blog Ready for a Change????

      • Hmm.. Thought I would get some help and guidance 😉 along with some fun. Well, take you time. I am a person who would never do anything unless I am comfortable with it. So I won’t say anything otherwise to anyone else.

  1. Did you sell your book? It sounds interesting. I have a filter. Stamped firmly in place by my past career. It was a necessity. Thankfully my adult personality has always been slow to anger, then boom. Unless it’s my family being messed with or people stereotyping me.

    If you want to blog about your topic, do it. If not, don’t. The “I don’t know if I’m ready” part of your post may be your answer. However, it’s your decision. No filter? Your readers shouldn’t care. They will read, or they may leave. It’s still your blog. If you want to write it, do it.

    Please let me know if you sold your writing. I’m always looking for new books. 😊

    • Hi Anna,
      I hope you are feeling better these days.
      I’ve not published any of my fiction or the dating advice book. Still looking to take that plunge.
      My problem with this blog, like all of my writing, is that I don’t really know what genre, niche, or voice I should be writing in. I can’t decide. Lol.

      • Feeling a little better. Thanks! ❤

        Those are all difficult decisions for any writer. I personally prefer writing in 1st person if you are writing about life experiences or a topic you are very knowledgeable about in my opinion.

        I proofread anything, even a comment on Facebook to the point of being OCD. When I see I made a typo on any post anywhere, I'm ticked off. lol

        My struggle is always with keeping the verbs matching the writing.

        I read a lot of free Kindle books. Great way to learn how to write and what NOT to do. Many are great. Many are flops due to verb usage, not staying in the right voice unintentionally, and not editing.

        Good luck in your writing endeavors. 🙂

      • Usually when I write my blog I don’t edit much – never have. I just like to get the thoughts down unencumbered and leave it at that. But on the other hand, I use punctuation in text messages so I’m a bit odd that way as well.

        I read a lot as well. I don’t have a specific genre I stick to and I try and avoid books on any famous person’s must read list. Yes, I’m referring to Oprah as well.

        Keeping a consistent voice is difficult if you’re not writing the story you’re supposed to be writing I guess. I was told that once. If you’re writing the story you’re supposed to be writing, your voice will shine through.

  2. That would be very fun. A relationship blog? Hmmm… Just write however you feel like and whatever you are thinking. Isn’t that the point of a blog? (Or is it just me?) If your book was on the shelves, I’d definitely read it! 🙂

    • That is the point of the blog. Well, I think so too. But I’ve been called a few times this week so what do I know?
      Maybe I’ll post a snippet or two on here and see how well it is received and how I feel about it. By the way, how did you choose your blog name?

    • That is indeed what the blog is for. Well, I think so. But I’ve been called old twice already this week so what do I know?
      Maybe I’ll post some snippets on here. Or maybe I’ll post the whole damn thing. lol.

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