An A to Z of Me. Twice Cause I’m Worth It

I don’t know where I saw this being done, but I saw it the other day, and I thought I would give it a try. I remember it was done by a girl, but since I’m not sexist and none of my readers are either, I thought it should be mutually exclusive, you know, like peeing with the toilet seat up. She had a list, from A to Z, of defining and describing words about herself. Since I’m not adverse to stealing ideas from time to time, I present you with my list of A to Z about me. Feel free to respond with your own input when you reply back. I’m a big boy, I can take it. I also think more people should follow suit. It’s fun, and since you can reveal only what you want to, your readers, young and old, new and veteran, might just learn some interesting things about you. I’m going to give you two answers for each letter though, mainly because I’m worth two entries for each letter, and also because it’s my post and I can do what I want (also one will be slightly serious in nature, the other a funny/interesting quirk/fact about me [and you should know that I don’t really believe 100% all the things I joke about concerning me]).

Editor’s note: Entry under T has been changed! No one was offended. Just made a valid point. Sadly, when challenged (or at least in my mind), I couldn’t think of another witty expression.

A – Aaric. The name of the children’s novel I started 10 years ago. I shopped it around once. Found a publisher in Ely, England. But they wanted me to pay to have it published and I don’t have enough friends to buy a copy to make a profit. 

A – Ass. What I think is my best physical feature (although others will say dimples). Also, I am prone to playing the ass.

B – Brains. For so long I was embarrassed to admit I might actually have them. Sometimes it just takes boys longer to grow up. 

B – Baths. Seem pointless to me unless there is someone else in the tub with me.

C – Cocky. I get this way sometimes. But usually it’s only on a soccer field. Sometimes, I do get a false sense of cockiness from time to time. It’s part of my shtick.

C – Creative. This is my bread and butter. I am, if nothing, a creative soul. 

D – Daring. I moved halfway around the world to absorb a culture I knew nothing about. Some would say that is daring. An old creative writing teacher called my choice of diction and syntax “daring and confident”. I’ve never been so proud in my life.

D – Dashing. Sometimes I’m dashing in a jacket and tie; sometimes I’m dashing from the bedroom of some young lady. Tee hee.

E – Energetic. I never stop. Whether it be thinking of insults to shout at my friends, whether it be planning on things to keep me busy, or whether it is just my brain waves, I am an energetic… 

E – Easy on the eye. You know, cause I am. Perhaps EGO would fit here too. Lol. 

F – Fiction. What I love to write. I get enough reality in my day to day existence.

F – Fool. I love to play the fool. I’m not a fool. But if people can laugh at my expense, I’m a happy man.

G – Geraint. My given name. It’s kinda cool don’t you think? 

G – Golden Rule. I believe in it. “Those who have the gold make the rules!” 

H – Healthy. Thankfully, this is the case.

H – Heart throb. What I am to millions of imaginary people worldwide.

I – Imagination. Again, this works with my creativity to help me on this path to being a writer. Without this twisted imagination, I would publish non-fiction books all day. 

I – Irresistible. Especially to my cats when I’m about to feed them.

J – Juxtaposition. One of my top 5 favorite words to say.

J – Journalism. What I originally wanted to study at college. Dropped out twice though. Found it too boring to hold my attention. And now I’m a technical writer. Karma, my friends.

K – Knights of the Round Table. My parents named me after one. He’s pretty cool. A good swordsman. A good lancer. Handy with the ladies. You know, like me. 

K – Kin. I miss my family more than I let on. But they know it.

L – Lions. The British Lions was the name of the soccer team I played for back home. A good group of lads that I will see again someday. Also what I hope to see in Africa in 30 days’ time!!! 

L – Lazy. What I am on most days. I want to change but I’m too … what’s the word I’m looking for?

M – Mellow. I rarely get worked up. But when I do, it’s usually worth the price of admission. Yeah, I’m mellow. 

M – Meisie and Liefie. My two cats. Travelled with me from Saudi to Dubai. They’ve been on more planes than a few of my friends. I find that odd.

N – Nosey. I have to be to find the inspiration and the stories that I do. I believe we are all a bit nosey. I read your blogs because I find you talented and I’m nosey. I want to know what you are up to and how you see the world. 

N – Nerd. What I am at the end of the day. And I wouldn’t change a single thing.

O – Opinionated. And sometimes I really like to let it known. 

O – Omnipotent. A word a guy should never get mixed up with impotent. I’m neither (I don’t think).

P – Penguin. For some reason, it has to be mentioned. 

P – The Penny Collector. The novel I’m currently working on. And my favorite character I’ve ever created. EVER!!

Q – Quizzical. I question things. Makes me a good fiction writer. And really handy at quiz nights. 

Q – Queen. One of my favorite bands of all time. Freddie Mercury was a legend.

R – Rain. I don’t see enough of it in the Middle East. I’d like to see more. I miss rain at times. 

R – Revisions. I hate doing revisions. Loathe and despise really. I know they are necessary but I hate them nonetheless.

S – Safari. I will never say no to going on a safari. Like in August. I should probably be working with animals. 

S – Sex scenes. In my writing they either come across as too hard core, or too cheesy. It would be easier to just post a home video instead. Lol. 

T – Travel. I have learned more about myself, about people, and about life through travelling than I ever did at school. We should all travel as much as we can – even down the road for an afternoon away.

T – The Lord of the Rings. The reason I try and write today. 

U – Undecided. On where I should be when all is said and done. 

U – Utopia. Doesn’t exist. Make the best of what you have.

V – Verbs. I like verbs. Verbs are action words. Without the action words we would do nothing. Doing nothing sucks. 

V – Versatile. I like to think I am. I can cook, clean, am sporty and yet a nerd. I can remove bugs and fix things around the house. Got all the bases covered I think.

W – Writing. I do a lot of it. And not just this blog. This is what I am supposed to be doing. One day, I will be able to support myself just on creative writing alone. 

W – Welsh. And proud to be. You can throw in wanderlust here as well. I live that shit every damn day.

X – X-rays. I have had my fair share of these things. 

X – eXclamation points. I hate when people use them at the end of every sentence! Mind you, I hate poor punctuation at the best of times! Seriously people, learn to use exclamation points!!

Y – Youthful exuberance. I’m managing to maintain mine. Long may it continue. 

Y – Young Adult fiction. The genre of my book Aaric (and most of my ideas recently if I’m honest).

Z – Zero. My interest level on going on this thing called Tinder –  a mobile app for people who want to date/hook-up. 

Z – Zimbabwe. The first place I visited in Africa and will therefore hold a special place in my heart. I did a horseback safari there. And ate Mopane worms. And saw my first elephant in the wild.

So, there it is. 52 points that are sort of, kind of, defining me right now. Comments are welcomed and expected. We all need to talk more.




59 thoughts on “An A to Z of Me. Twice Cause I’m Worth It

  1. Wow!!! (added a few more eXclamations for good measure) There are some real gem of information here. Looks like a modern day resume to me and applicable for all purposes (especially dating or job) I am not that creative, but I will try to do this for myself. At least I will come to know more about me, I hope.
    And yes, E- Ego was something I expected. And Yes, you exude a lot of youthfulness so much that sometimes I feel like you are much younger than my youngest friends (and he just turned 30 )

    • I’m glad my youthfulness exudes onto the written page. That is very nice indeed.
      You should try this. I bet you’re more creative than you give yourself credit for.

  2. Rarely will I read a 1,400 word post. Few can hold my attention or interest that long. Yet I knew, as soon as I began reading, that I was hooked.

    And there was low road! 🙂 Gratuitous depravity was essential here.

    Alas, I must retire for the night. As Schwarzenegger once promised, “I’ll be back.” At least to further commend your creative craftsmanship.

    Does that count for alliteration?

    • I didn’t realize the post was that long until I posted it. Much longer than I want to write and post. We’re a fast food society and like bite-sized everything.

      Excellent use of alliteration! And return when you can. The door is always open. Watch for the cats though. They like to walk under foot.

    • Far too kind, Janet.
      I cannot claim responsibility for the name.
      Never once did I think of leaving my cats when I made the move from Saudi to Dubai. That is unthinkable to me.
      My older sister saw Queen in concert. I wasn’t so fortunate even though I was old enough to see them.
      And travel is good for the soul, the brain, and bringing people together. I recommend it to all.

    • What, you don’t like travel? lol
      T – The Lord of the Rings. The reason I started writing all those years ago.


      • So it’s not the fact I like ’em that bugs you, just my childish aversion to what I call ’em. Gotcha.
        I can grow up when I’m 43. Next month. lol

      • In person, I would never call them that. I am quite mature when I need to be. I promise.

      • And the blog has been changed. Sadly, I couldn’t come up with anything witty.

      • Too late. It’s been changed. And I know you didn’t find it offensive. The Lord of the Rings actually makes more sense than the other T. If I’m watching the extended versino of the movies, I don’t even notice the other things if they’re bouncing beside me. lol.

  3. Ooh very interesting indeed! What was ‘T’ before you changed it? Was it really so controversial? I feel that I know so much more about you now. I like you a little more every time I come back to this blog. As a writer, you have a real gift for connecting with your audience. It is quite beautiful.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. And keep coming back.
      T was a rather childish expression breasts. While it is okay to think like a child at times, I must learn to show restraint. lol

      • We all have weaknesses. I’m just upfront about mine. I will gladly list them if people should ask. lol

      • How utterly shallow. lol. Just kidding. Does that make it harder to say goodbye or easier because you want to watch him walk away?

      • Good question. I hadn’t thought further than the pathetic ruse of dropping things repeatedly so I can watch him bend over. I really need to grow up.

      • Haha. You’ll have time to grow up later. And a gentleman should always bend at the knees and crouch so as not to profer his butt to all and sundry. Or something like that.

      • Kind of like a lady in street and a freak in the bed? Thanks Usher, Little John, and Ludacris!!

  4. I wish you had left the “T” the way you first had it. Acting mature is overrated. I enjoyed getting to know more about you. I don’t know how you came up with that many things. You are definitely a writer 😀😄

    • Yes, but a more childish way of saying it. lol.
      I have a weakness. I’ve bought more crap cause a salesgirl with cleavage smiled at me than I should admit to. lol

  5. Oh gosh, great minds think alike or what? I was just working on a post titled ‘The A to Z of the things I want to be when I grow up’. I had to stop because I ran out of words. But mine won’t be as long as yours, it’s just a list of 26 words in alphabetical order, and they are all adjectives. I notice you have nouns and phrases 🙂

  6. I go away for 24 hours and look what happened. Here I was, set to echo one creative writing teacher and laud your gifts of daring and confident. Only to find you succumbed to social pressure. Some shall have to now rethink daring and confident.

    After all, they are what they are.

    And since we’re both being a bit deferential, I’m simply going to remove my gloves and cede the match to you. I could not possibly rival your writing talent and craft a creative, amusing and telling alpha listing. I’m just too private. 🙂

    Ergo, I’m opting to live through yours, vicariously. Well done, sir.

    • Thanks Eric,
      I did mention the infamous T word enough in the comments to not completely go high road. And most people read it while it was still there.

      Nothing wrong with being private. But I don’t for one second believe you cannot craft a creative and amusing alpha listing. I’ve read your blog. It’s all there. You can write, my friend.

      • Perhaps, but mine is an entirely different writing style. Too many years of crafting corporate strategy, business presentations and informational proposals.

        Still, you are kind. Thanks, Ger.

      • The coporations haven’t sucked all the personality out of you yet, Eric.

  7. Nice list, though I must admit my eye skimmed down to E right away to check for “Ego”…glad to see it was sort of there lol. U is the best…”doesn’t exist…make the best of what you have”…YES absolutely, everyday is yours to create. Another great post idea thanks

  8. I’m copying and posting this next because I also like to steal ideas and talk about myself. T for titties? I wouldn’t have been offended by that but S for sweater puppies is so much better.

    • Hi Kim,

      Copy and paste away if you so wish, my fellow child of the 80s. It’s not that people were offended really, just thought it was too mundane. I could probably come up with an A-Z of things I could call boobs. After all, I know far too many slang terms for masturbation as well.

  9. I’m sorry, but I never steal stolen ideas (just kidding). That looks like a great way to brainstorm. Gotta love that Roman alphabet as a mnemonic trigger. Good to know you’re Welsh. I’m a big fan of Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood. Thanks also for liking my last post.

    • Thanks for commenting and liking. I’ll continue to do the same, do not worry about that. Blogs are supposed to be interactive.

  10. Well done Ger, you have come out on top as usual, you never fail to surprise me. Don’t kid yourself, you are a brilliant writer, and I am not just
    Prejudiced because I am your Mam, I have always known that there was
    genius waiting to come to the surface, so let it free.

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