Questions …

A friend back home sent me this via Facebook and I thought it would be fun to do on a Sunday morning as I warm up for work at the office. Maybe this blog will inspire one in you. Maybe this blog will inspire some questions in you. Maybe this blog will have you running for the hills.

1. What is your favorite word?

I’m not sure I have a favorite word at the moment. For many years, it was “passion” and not because of what you would think. I believed, probably still do, that a person without a “passion” was a wasted person. When I worked in a hospital in Saudi Arabia I would stumble across some truly unique words, one gem being “rhinorrhea” or, in layman’s terms, “a discharge from the nose.” Pretty cool if you ask me.

2. What is your least favorite word?

I’ve never really thought about this one before. It would be cliché to say “work” or “taxes” or “death”, so I won’t. I’m not fond of a lot of the new hybrid words that make up the vernacular these days – case in point “bromance.” I also hate any hybrid combination of celebrity couple names – Brangelina, Bennifer, TomKat, etc.

3. What turns you on?

Besides Scarlett Johansson in a one-piece body hugging lycra catsuit? The answer is pretty easy really. Confidence, intelligence (I can’t stress enough how intelligence is damn sexy), a sense of humor, and the ability to be comfortable in your own skin, especially when around me (I am, I’ve been told, always “switched-on” so it’s hard for people to be themselves and still keep up around me).

4. What turns you off?

Paris Hilton. When I look at her I see nothing genuine. I’m not a big fan of smoking, and an over-inflated ego is not attractive. Confidence is sexy, the idea that you are the greatest thing on the planet when you know your previous 5 husbands have all left you because you find your job as a party planner at McDonald’s too stressful and therefore you can’t work, is not. I really hate laziness in people, and those who complain about something and aren’t willing to do anything about it. Come to think of it, people who complain about free gifts or things of that nature, and people who complain about living in Saudi Arabia like they were forced to go there really irritates me.

5. What sound or noise do you love?

For some reason, I love the sound of an ice-cold Coca Cola being poured, when the fizz threatens to explode onto the ceiling. And there is something absolutely calming about the sound of a cat purring. I have two of them, at one time had four, and I’ve even heard them all purring at once. That, I can only assume, is a good day for cats.

6. What sound or noise do you hate?

I hate the sound of cars honking, an every minute experience out here. I also don’t like the sound my upstairs neighbors make at around 3 am every night. Either they have a pet elephant, or they wear the biggest shoes ever made. Also, stupid ring tones turned up way too loud.

7. What is your favorite curse word?

Too many to choose from really. It’s hard to beat the word “fuck” though. It’s just so damn versatile and handy in many situations. It’s a noun, a verb, can be contorted to an adjective. I refrain from using the “C” word (ladies, you know the word I’m talking about it). I called my older sister’s friend it once when I was younger and my sister beat seven shades of shit out of me. Although I do know several people who, when classically defined, would just be a collection of “C” words.

8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

I don’t really like my profession as a technical writer as it requires no creative spark (which I think is my greatest attribute as a writer) but that’s a completely different story. Sadly, I’m very good at it and love my coworkers. If money were no object, meaning I didn’t need any to pay bills or anything like that, I would love to work as a guide or ranger in a game reserve in Africa. Provided I could take my cats with me. That would be fantastic I think. Either that, or a travel writer but that is cliché too.

9. What profession would you not like to do?

Seeing as though I really hate numbers, I think being an accountant would be the worst thing I could do for a living. I don’t know how they do it, actually. I worked for 8 years as a laborer in a steel warehouse so I’m not averse to manual labor, although working in a slaughterhouse would be low down on my list of things to do.

10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Knowing that he’d be as surprised to see me as I would be to see him, I’m certain the only thing he would say to me is this:

“I don’t agree with all of your choices, your lack of faith, or general disdain for organized religion, but you stuck to your principals and lived your life the way you wanted to live it Also, I admire your fortitude regarding ‘bros before hos!’ Outstanding!”

There you have it. A little fun this Sunday.



21 thoughts on “Questions …

  1. I’ll play, quickly. Only because I’m a consummate procrastinator.

    1. Abyss
    2. Leadership
    3. Compassionate action
    4. Frauds
    5. Moving water (preferably an ocean or river)
    6. Whining (as in people)
    7. What else, the F- word
    8. A neonatal physician
    9. A pathologist
    10. “Jesus Christ!”

  2. I’m inspired, but it’s waiting until tomorrow because it’s after one am here! I completely agree with the weird words like bromance and celeb-merged names. Also, cats make the world go around in my opinion. Not that thing called gravity. 😉

    • Even if it is gravity that makes the world go round, a cat will insist it is a cat that does. It’s best to just start thinking that now.

  3. Cool and fun list. Here is mine.
    1. Life
    2. Couldn’t think of one now.
    3. Apart from intelligence and humor: Street smartness & honest eyes
    4. Arrogance
    5. Waves
    6. Honking, obviously but other than that whining.
    7. M*F* I just hate it when someone uses it.
    8. Teaching
    9. Project Management

    • Honest eyes. Interesting. That’s a good one.
      Seems like running water/waves is a popular sound.
      And short and simple with God. He might appreciate that.

      • I have found that the sound of the waves is the only sound that can empty my mind. Nothing else does.
        I love looking at people’s eyes (small feature but speaks volumes), even though I can’t do that for too long (might be misinterpreted).

      • It’s no coincidence that people often use the sound of waves to help them fall asleep at night.
        And there’s a difference between reading a person’s eyes and staring at them until they fall out. lol.

  4. 1. Love 2. G**damn 3. Good sense of humor 4. Lack of ambition 5. The ocean 6. Helicopters 7. Fuck 8. Cosmetology. 9. Daycare 10. That was a bumpy ride, but you made it

    • The ocean is a popular one.
      Bumpy rides are usually the best. You’ve got to live a little before you get where you’re ultimately going.

  5. 1. serendipity
    2. hungry, because I can’t pronounce it correctly, and when I say to people “I’m so hungry”, most of them told me, “oh, you should go for a walk”…. yeah, angry=hungry when I talk
    3. muscular forearm *__*
    4. fake tan and duck faces
    5. the sound of a good guitar riff or powerful waterfall
    6. nails on blackboard (classic but I hate it)
    7. non d’un petit schtroumpf
    8. working as a tourist guide or working in the tourism industry
    9. nurse or prostitute
    10. “so, who do you want to be in your next life ?”

  6. 1) Peace
    2) Anger – Not keen on the new hybrids.
    3) Intelligence, kindness, good sense of humour
    4) Celebrity nonsense – flashy cars, whiners and complainers.
    5) Birds singing, especially a black bird
    6) Loud machinery – heavy metal music
    7) Buggar
    8) When I was young, a ballerina. – Now a Police detective.
    9) Anything to do with numbers or where I am stuck in an office all day.
    10) ‘All the animals and people you have ever loved, plus art supplies are waiting for you, and Heaven looks and smells just like the Amalfi Coast, Italy’.

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