A Post for Me and You

Just a quick one today, because I’ve been really busy with work and therefore not sleeping well enough. I’m as close to a male princess as they come. I wish I could just roll out of bed and be as gorgeous as I am. Sadly, it takes about 3 minutes work for that to happen. Man, I kill me.

Today will be very interactive. 3 questions for you to answer in the comments. Come on, you know you want to have some fun. I want to get to know my readers. I read your blogs as well; I just want to know a little more. Don’t worry, like an application form, there will be no questions about bank accounts, pin numbers, or credit history.

1. If you could put any 3 bands/singers together for one concert, which 3 would you pick? And I mean any. From any genre, decade, whatever. Wow me.

2. Are you left or right handed? And do you have any anomalies with this? Like, do you write with your right hand but throw with your left. I’m just curious.

3. I invite you for dinner and, because I’m awesome, can prepare you your favourite meal (or maybe the best dish you’ve ever had at a restaurant and would like to relive it one last time), what do you want?  

I’ll give you my answers as a great example.

1. The Clash, Bob Marley, and Buddy Holly (Buddy Holly always reminds me of camping and fishing when I was younger).

2. I’m right handed. Right footed too. Sometimes I can manage to swing my left leg without it looking like it’s been sewn on by a 12 year old in Home Economics class.

3. I would get the double burger with pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, Swiss cheese and mushrooms I had from the Royale Eatery in Cape Town. Best burger I have ever had. I still have foodgasms about that one.

See, easy. Dare to step into my web???



33 thoughts on “A Post for Me and You

  1. 1. Adele, Lana Del Ray and Katy Perry

    2. Right handed. But try to bat using my left in my Wii Baseball games. Nope, no anomalies. Little boring no?

    3. Anything in vegetarian. Surprise me 🙂 I like trying out new dishes. You can add eggs to it, just don’t tell me about it and I would be OK.

    • I see you opted for all current artists. That would be a good show though. I saw Katy Perry in Dubai. Not a bad show.
      Not boring.
      I have a very good vegetarian friend here. I can ask her what she would recommend and surprise you. She’s lived in Sweden, Dubai, Pakistan, Portugal, and Singapore so she’ll have had a varied choice.

      • I started listening to English songs only in the late 90’s or so. And more when I did my guitar classes. So yeah, my choices in English music will be quite recent (excluding Backstreet Boys or Bryan Adams or Bruce Springsteen – only recent songs).

        And as long as I don’t have to surprise anyone with my culinary skills I am good to go 🙂

  2. Good morning.

    1) The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd
    2) I use my right hand most of the time, but can use both.
    3) This meal was prepared for me by a dear friend in Brittany, France.
    Artichokes (a speciality of Brittany) with a vinaigrette dressing
    thick with shallots. Accompanied by rustic homemade bread.
    With ice cream to follow….I could live on ice cream:)

    • You had me at “thick with shallots. Accompanied by rustic homemade bread.” The French do know bread.
      I would change yours slightly to have the Stones, circa ’71. Most of their stuff after that wasn’t as good. lol. This way I wouldn’t have to hear it. Clapton was here in Dubai earlier this year. I couldn’t get tickets. Bummed by that.

  3. 1. This will destroy you, Aes Dana and Godspeed you black emperor.. I think it would be awesome !
    2. I’m right handed for most of the things, but not when I play snooker 😀
    3. I would have a grilled Galapagos prawn, with garlic and butter please

    • Prawns with garlic and butter work for me too. I might try those.
      Left handed for snooker – interesting but I can’t begin to explain why. lol.
      Sounds very loud, your choice of music. I like it.

  4. Okay here I go…

    1. Epica, Ne Obliviscaris and… I’d have to say Bob Marley he really does make me happy or maybe Kate Bush. Hmm Metal, Metal, Reggae, and Kate Bush. Great mix there. But I would encourage you to look up the first two. I might be slightly obsessed with them.

    2. Right handed, but I eat with my knife in the left hand. Don’t ask me to kick a ball with either foot, it won’t work out well.

    3. Mash potatoes, cheese, pizza, blueberries, strawberries and loads of chocolate. I don’t know how that works into a meal however.

    • Well, the cheese would be on the pizza. The berries and chocolate are easy to mix together. The mash potatoes are kind of stand alone here. And that’s okay too.
      I can teach anyone to kick a soccer ball. ANYONE
      I shall look up the first two bands. And yes, quite the eclectic assembly.

      • Sounds yummy, I could forgo the mash, if there was more chocolate or make chocolate mash? Anything chocolate I’m good.
        The first band is pretty amazing, great music and fronted by a sexy red head (for your viewing pleasure). The second is also amazing and fronted by a tall dark and handsome (for my viewing pleasure).

      • I could make my world famous chocolate pots. The chocolate is rich and creamy and I could easily incorporate a berry compote and whipped cream on top.
        I shall check out the bands.

  5. 1. Taiwanese rock stars, Wu Bai and Power Station, and Rod Stewart

    2. Right handed

    3. Something middle eastern just because I haven’t had a proper middle eastern meal before

    • Rod Stewart? Interesting.
      Well, you need a bit of Lebanese in there so we’d have to start with Taboule. After that, it’s just a bunch of grilled meats (possibly some camel as well).

  6. Good Morning!
    1. The Beatles, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars

    2. I’m left handed. I write, sew and paint with my left hand but knit, bat, and bowl with my right hand. I iron with both hands. My mother was left handed but was forced as a child to write with her right hand. It freaked her out when she realized I was left handed. Luckily things at school had changed since she was a little girl.

    3. I would love an authentic Caesar salad (no bottled dressing please), sautéed mushroom caps and a perfectly grill New York steak, medium rare. For dessert I’d love a plate of assorted cheeses served with a late harvest white wine.

    • Now that is a mix of artists. Wow.
      I know a friend who wants to get his son to throw left handed because left handed pitchers make more money in the major leagues.
      Your dinner meets with approval. Steak medium rare is an excellent choice.

  7. 1. Hank Williams, Jr., Eminem, and Coldplay- My iTunes is a mix of everything.
    2. Right-Handed period. No anomalies there.
    3. Spicy Mongolian Beef with fried rice, an egg roll, duck sauce, and sweet white wine

    • My iTunes has a pretty eclectic mix as well. And Hank Jr or Sr would have been pretty good.
      Mmmm, Mongolian beef. What a great choice.

  8. 1. Queen, Muse, and Florence and the Machine.
    2. Right-handed. My left hand is only here for driving and for equilibrium.
    3. Lebna and a Greek salad sans tomatoes (texture), followed by chicken shawarma,

  9. 1. Alicia Keys, Ed Sheeran, Adam Levine. Hot.
    2. Right-handed. Neither foot works that well for kicking, I must say.
    3. Moroccan Lamb Tagine with raisins, almonds, chickpeas and honey over couscous.

    • Ed Sheeran rocks. I used to work with a lady who said I looked like Adam Levine. I don’t see it myself though.
      A good tagine is hard to beat.

  10. 1. The Scorpions, Backstreet Boys, Lady Gaga 🙂
    2. Left-handed. I use my right hand for throwing and peeling fruits.
    3. Braised lamb shank with mashed potatoes and mango salad.

  11. 1.Coldplay, One republic and Muse. I think that would be the best concert ever. 2.I’m right handed for everything. No specialness😃 3. Grilled shishkabobs, asparagus with lemon and some crusty sourdough bread with lots of butter. Don’t forget some good red wine to go with.

    • There will be red, white, chardonnay, and rose available. Not to mention a fine assortment of spirits as well.
      The first person to ask for asparagus. Nice. Especially with fresh lemon drizzled over top.

  12. 1. Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis jnr. in an intimate caberet style show. I bet it would be hilarious!
    2. I’m always right
    3. Valencia Paella or maybe veal ragu fettuccine but it’s not cool to say you like veal is it… So I should go with the paella!

    • The coolest trio of the Pack. The banter between those guys would be amazing.
      Veal is fine. I would allow you to have veal.

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