Any Plans for the Weekend?

It’s Friday morning for me in Dubai. That means, I’m already into the first day of my weekend. I’m thinking of doing something a little different on Fridays on my blog now. I’m thinking of just posting something like this:
The weekend is here!! What plans have you? Me, you ask. Well, I’ve got laundry and housework to do this morning. The afternoon I’ll spend fiddling around with my camera setting up all the required shortcuts needed for easier use when out in the bush in Africa in 2 weeks time. This evening I might join some friends for drinks. Saturday, probably just more camera stuff and sitting on the couch. I don’t have too exciting of a life.
Ramadan ends on Sunday though, which will make leaving the house before sunset easier as I can grab a water or a Coke and walk around with it.
So, my dear friends and fellow bloggers, what plans for the weekend? Let me live vicariously through you.

26 thoughts on “Any Plans for the Weekend?

  1. There are too many HTML tags in the post Ger (just letting you know).
    Nothing much, except for a little house party at a friends place (which I am still contemplating) on Saturday night combined with Sunday morning brunch in a nice place with friends (this is becoming a sort of a routine now).

    And have to complete my official work in between (that which never ends) too.
    How is your Ramadan month challenge coming ? Never got any updates on that ?

    • Not sure why the extra HTML tags popped up. Weird.
      Sounds like a good weekend regardless. Lots of fun.
      I shaved off the beard after 2 weeks. It was bugging me beyond belief. I think 5 days is my non-shaving limit.

      • I am not yet very sure of the fun part when all them are practically kids. I seriously wish and hope that there are no pillow fights 🙂 I hate to go into the sister mode.

        Lol. I did wonder about that when you started you know. Honestly, I expected you to say 3 days. So 5 is pretty good.

    • I should be getting the first 3 seasons of Game of Thrones delivered so I can always watch those again too.

      • Arya is my favourite character, followed by Tyrion. In the books, Arya is so much more of an ass-kicker. I love it.

  2. Taking my son to a football game tomorrow night, then just down time to self for the weekend. Usually means a good long walk or two, maybe coffee with friends.

    • Going to see the BC Lions, are we? I miss the CFL at times.
      Nothing wrong with a good long walk or two.

      • We lost 23-6 but we had SUCH a fun night. Quite the event for my son as it was his first real game and downtown was pretty lively as well (nothing like Dubai I’m sure!)

  3. Good morning, G.
    After finishing a commission today, I plan to relax.
    Tomorrow after a visit with 92 year old Mother…lunch with a good friend in her beautiful garden…immersed in colour:)
    Some writing, and organising of photographs….

    Enjoy yours. Janet:)

  4. Tonight, we have a couple friends coming over to play board games. Tomorrow morning, we’re meeting a friend for breakfast, and then in the evening, I’m hosting book club, during which we’ll be having a Skype chat with the authors of the book we just finished. Sunday will be a lazy day, I expect – probably do a bit of freelance work, maybe watch a few movies, maybe take a bike ride.

    My introverted side is cringing just reading everything we have planned for the weekend. 😉

    • Now that is an awesome weekend. When are you going to sit around for 30 minutes and read my book and then Skype call me to tell me how shit it is?

      • I’ll read your book the second you send it to me, and I can guarantee I won’t say it’s shit. 🙂

      • I meant the one I had signed for you! If a new one comes out, you will definitely get a signed copy

      • Ooooh your BOOK book. I thought you meant your hidden gem of a manuscript. 🙂 Yes, I have a much-cherished signed copy of your book (my first signed book ever, as a matter of fact) that I read when you first gave it to me. Perhaps it’s time for a reread now that I’m traipsing all over the Alberta countryside every week.

      • Yes, this way you can point out the stuff that both the editors and I missed. I received some hate mail from that book. lol.

    • Fiddled around with the camera and learned some great shortcuts through the menu to get things happening quicker. Just in time for the holiday too.

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