We’re Never too Big for Guidance


I thought I’d use this photo to accompany my post today. Yes, before you ask, I did take that photo. Kruger National Park, 4 September 2011. Yes, I am hoping for more of the same when I get there on Thursday (7 August). But I digress.

I’ve had a bit of a tough week. I have mentioned in previous posts that last year was a pretty tough year for me personally. While I currently enjoy many more good days than bad days, the odd troubling week pops up and all I want to do is lock myself in my apartment and watch too much television and complain to my cats when they aren’t sleeping and ignoring me.

Last week was one such week. I must interject here and say I put on a brave face. I love making people laugh, so at work, or when I did go out, the smile was on my face and I continued to search for happiness in others while I was struggling to be happy myself. It’s a mechanism. It helps me cope. I’ve always taken more pleasure in seeing others smiling than seeing myself smile. And I will say this; I’m generally happy. I’m very positive most of the time. Life is too short to dwell on negatives. Last week just threw me for a loop.

I’m out here in Dubai alone. While I have a couple of really good friends out here, they have a 2 year old and she’s pretty much a fulltime job for them (and they both work fulltime jobs). I have several acquaintances and a group of people I see on night’s out; but I wouldn’t call on them to help with anything pressing. It’s just the way it is.

I’ve spent a lot of time Skyping and talking to friends and family around the world, much of it laughing (with friends), and some of it close to tears (family). The photo above, despite it being elephants, reminded me that we all need, no matter how big or how small we are, some guidance every once and a while. And that it is okay to have some bad days. The bad days won’t define me. Well, unless I do something completely out of character and end up in prison. Lol.

I woke up this morning having to go back to work. My weekend is over, and although I’ve only got 3 days of work before I fly out on vacation, Sundays are never my favorite day anymore. But as I dragged my sorry butt to the bathroom, nearly tripping on Liefie who likes to challenge my dexterity in the morning by circling my feet, and watching Meisie roll around on the floor like she’s showing the perfect technique in the third step of Stop, Drop, and Roll, something weird happened. I smiled. New week. New outlook. As Bob Marley would say, “Every little thing, is gonna be alright”.



15 thoughts on “We’re Never too Big for Guidance

    • The vacay can’t come soon enough, Eric. But as I said in the post, I feel much better today. All things pass and all that.

  1. Good morning,

    I LOVE this photograph and look forward very much to seeing the new images from your upcoming trip.

    Yes, we all have days where everything seems pretty futile, however, one of the things i have learned is that whatever is going on in life at any given time….’this to shall pass………’ and it always does.

    I heard this just last week and it resonated. ‘Breath in, breath out…..and recognise that another precious moment has gone for ever’.

    Keep smiling because it beats the alternative, and have a lovely day. Janet. 🙂

    • Thank you, as always, Janet. This to shall pass is a good mantra. I’m generally happy, and as Eric Idle would suggest, try to look on the bright side of life.

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