A Gift to You from Me

As you know, I am leaving for a safari soon. And by soon, I mean I’m heading to the airport in a little over 3 hours and flying in 6. Do not hate me for it. I promise to get at least one good photo when I’m gone. And since I am a self-proclaimed man of the people, always looking to make others smile even if I can’t (although I am smiling today so no worries about that), I have decided to offer you this blog to pass away the hours until I return on August 15th; in time for all of your birthday wishes to me!



The lady who sang before me was actually very good. So good she has an album or two out in the country of her birth. I knew in order to follow her I would have to do something to take people’s minds off the fact that I cannot sing. So instead, you get a lot of showmanship! The packaging far outweighs the contents my friends!

Enjoy. Play safe and be good to each other. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll be back in just over a week.




33 thoughts on “A Gift to You from Me

  1. Ha Ha 😀 You are good… very good lol
    Have a safe , pleasant and enjoyable trip Ger and say Hi to all those animals out there.

  2. Thanks for the gift. You win in the category of embarrassing moments and your prize is a trip to Africa! What a coincidence. Very nice moves sir. Elvis is Elvis but my favorite version of this song (besides yours) is by Dwight Yoakam http://youtu.be/rPMaTf0KU0M
    Travel safely but not too reservedly and find beauty in everything that you see.

    • Dwight’s version is my fave as well. I’m not a country fan but like Dwight. Thanks for commenting.

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