An Aplogy to Photographers the World Over

Yesterday, I posted my first re-cap of my recent South African safari. Don’t worry, more will follow this evening when I get home.

I tagged the post under photography, as I am including many photos in each post. As such, I have had many photographers stop by my blog. So far, none have commented on my lack of technique, training, or eye for something exceptional.

I just want to apologise to all professional and very good amateur photographers out there. I don’t claim to be a photographer. I love taking photos. I have an above-average DSLR camera (Canon 60D), and I do shoot photos in the Creative Modes (usually the shutter speed setting with animals). But that is about the extent of my knowledge. I know about noise, white balance, ISO ratings, etc., but I wouldn’t call me an expert on any of those things.

I would like to add that this safari was not a photographic safari. In other words, it was not tailored to photographers. On a proper photographic safari, your jeep and other transport are set up with stands for your cameras, proper equipment for night shoots, and the other members travelling with you are just as prepared to sit in one spot for hours waiting for that classic photo. Alas, this was just your standard, run of the mill but excellent safari. I just happened to take my camera and snap off hundreds of photos.

So, if any photographers out there are seething with me for tagging my post under “photography”, I really do apologise. I suppose I could tag them “slightly better than point and click images”! And if any of you want to chime in and offer advice or creative criticism, I would be delighted to hear it. And because I can, I shall end this with a photo!


An oldie, but a goodie!

18 thoughts on “An Aplogy to Photographers the World Over

  1. Now you made me feel like I should be apologizing too. Damn!
    I love taking photographs, but am no where above an amateur and that is the way I think I will be for ever. Getting too technical about anything sort of puts me off it. And those terms you have mentioned, those are the only ones I can really understand without trying to explain it to anyone.

    Was the positioning of yourself in this photograph besides that small boat intentional or did you just get lucky 😉 ? and what is that in your hand ? doesn’t look like a fish ?

    • I didn’t take the photo and didn’t realise how it was set up. The boat I was on was called the Casanova. Not my boat.
      The fish is actually a species of shark, nicknamed the “Shy Shark” because it likes to curl up in a circular ball when caught. Really weird. Apparently good luck to kiss it though. Only action I got on that trip too.

    • I like my photos. Some of them I would even enlarge and hang on my walls. Besides, I’m pretty much awesome in every other way. I need to show some humility. lol.

    • Point and shoot works. And works well. I just have this expensive camera and feel I should try and make the most of it. I fail miserably. lol.

  2. Haha awesome. Whoever owns those boats is obviously some kind of a legend. Your photos are great, I am sure photographers the world over are not offended. Even if they are, well, they can go and take their own damn photos.

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