A Wasted Day

Yesterday was a bit of a write-off for me. I had every intention of getting home early, cooking dinner, and then continuing to edit photos to use on the second entry of my recent safari. Well, as you can see by this blog post, that didn’t happen. Nope, far from it really.

I stayed late at work. A whole two hours extra. I was on a roll and wanted to complete a certain section of work I’m doing. I got it done, thanks for asking. That only leaves a whole bunch more stuff to do. Too much stuff but I’m not here to complain about that.

On my metro ride home I saw a person I golf with so we got chatting about the new premier league season of English football (soccer for you North Americans) and that reminded me I had to go to my satellite provider and cancel some channels I no longer need. Fifty minutes later, I’m finally seen by someone. Our five minute conversation yields no new information for me. The channels I thought I was paying for unnecessarily have been removed. I’m paying for the new upgraded HD channels. I can’t complain much as most of them are channels I watch (Nat Geo, Discovery, several sports channels, movie channels, etc.).

By now I have no desire to go home and cook, and since I’m at the mall, I decide a healthy food court meal is in order (tongue firmly in cheek). I opted for pasta, which isn’t too bad at the end of the day. I told them to hold the greasy garlic paste stuff they use, but they used it anyway. Hate when that happens. Luckily for them I did not run in to Scarlett Johansson and an impromptu make out session was not stalled due to my garlic breath. If she had it, I would not mind one little bit.

When I finally get home, it’s pushing 9 o’clock. I have to be up at 5 for work. I suppose I did have time to sit at the Mac and edit photos (the words have been written) but I just wanted to cave on the couch and get smothered by kittens. I watched a couple of episodes of Castle (season 3 on DVD in case you are wondering), and promised that I’d blog about Africa when I got home from work today. And I’ll be leaving on time too.

So there you have it. Queues, fast food, lounging on a couch. Dubai sounds amazing doesn’t it? 



11 thoughts on “A Wasted Day

  1. I’m not sure how any day that ends with being smothered in Castle and kittens could be considered a waste….

    Although I suspect my Castle passion may be a little different than yours, because – Nathan Filion!

    Sometimes, you just gotta recharge!

    • Yes, that devilish rogue Nathan Filion. Must be something about people who grew up in Edmonton, Alberta like he and I did… lol.

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