Two Dozen Things

I was just going to read blogs and try and catch up but thought you all might want to learn more stuff about me. My last post like this was pretty well-received so here’s another one. And, if I’m honest, we had some pretty bad news as a family yesterday and I don’t feel like writing much. This made me laugh when I stumbled across it. We could all laugh more.

Here are 24 things you might not know about me:

1. My Swahili name is “White man can’t jump”.
2. The Beatles are one of my favourite bands; but I don’t like much of the stuff they did as solo artists.
3. I haven’t been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Yet.
4. My 3 favourite French things are: toast, fries, and kissing.
5. Contrary to popular belief, I’m even prettier in person.
6. I know how much wood a woodchuck could chuck.
7. I know the capital of Bulgaria.
8. I wanted to be a stand-up comedian.
9. “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”
10. Sometimes when I want to kick it old school, I think back to 2005.
11. I wonder if anything was said at Marcel Marceau’s funeral.
12. I can’t swim.
13. I am right handed, right footed and right most of the time.
14. I claim to be bringing sexy back, but I never lost it in the first place.
15. My left foot is slightly longer than my right one.
16. If I were a girl I’d have great breasts. I’m sure of it.
17. My favourite subjects in school were social, English, and drama.
18. I have a year round “farmer’s tan”.
19. I know the exact order of the alphabet.
20. I love words that sound dirty but aren’t.
21. I ran away from home once and took a litre of milk and a loaf of raisin bread with me.
22. I don’t eat breakfast often enough.
23. My adult film star name is Craven Morehead.

24. I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.


21 thoughts on “Two Dozen Things

  1. I learnt the name of the capital of Bulgaria today, thanks to you 🙂
    “I love words that sound dirty but aren’t” – like ?
    “I am right handed, right footed and right most of the time.” – Neat.
    Yup, definitely made me laugh and sorry about the bad news.

      • lol…Okie.. You should make a list of those words for people like me. I feel like using it on some of my friends to see how they would react.
        As to the capital I already google’d it, so there is no fun there. Some other capital may be.

  2. There’s a ton in Oregon called clackamas and my friends think it’s a hilarious word that also happens to sound like an expletive. So we yell clackamas at each other far more often than makes sense.

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