The End of my Latest Adventure

Hello all,

I arrived safely back in Dubai last night just before midnight and went straight to bed. In boxers, no shirt required. Just thought some of you might be wondering. At the office this morning, typing this out on my coffee break.

Stockholm was wonderful. Such a beautiful city. Definitely a place I would visit again. I haven’t had a chance to download the hundreds of photos I snapped while I was away so I’ll be starting that this evening with the hopes that I’ll get a couple of detailed Stockholm posts for you.

I hope everyone is well and enjoyed their Penguin-free week. I shall be catching up with your blogs as well, but bear with me, I don’t read as fast as I would like.

While it wasn’t what locals would call cold in Stockholm (it didn’t threaten to snow once), I did find it rather cool at night (although I was sniffling more when I left Dubai than I am now). If I could have gone to Stockholm a few weeks earlier I would have as autumn is my favourite time of the year, but I still got to see what I miss most being here in Dubai. Most of the trees still had leaves of vibrant yellow, orange, and red, and at times I didn’t want to leave. It is truly a photographic city. I ate well, explored until my feet hurt, laughed with tourists and locals alike, and then ate some more.

And yes, I know exactly how lucky I am.

Just thought I’d leave you with one photo I took on my phone. More to follow. I promise. The tower in the background of part of City Hall. The gold peak on top is actually mounted with the Three Crowns that symbolise Sweden and appear on coat of arms and stuff.




9 thoughts on “The End of my Latest Adventure

    • Thank you, KG. I’ve got more on my camera but I’ve yet to download them. That is my task for tonight.

    • Stockholm is visually stunning. As an artist I know you would love it. Hopefully some of the photos on my camera are just as good.

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