What I would be Like Animated

I was chatting with a friend on Facebook last night about our time in Creative Writing class almost 12 years ago now. And since it is Throwback Thursday (at least to the younger, hipper, but somehow not quite as cool as I am kids), I thought I would share another nugget of insight into my warped and twisted mind.


It was one of my first creative writing classes in college and we were all in our seats, paying attention to our teacher tell us how much she loved the results of our first assignment, when she gave us an in-class assignment and 15 minutes to think about and construct something. Her question to us was: What cartoon characters are you most like? Naturally, we had to creatively tell her what cartoon character we were most like.

My choice was surprisingly simple even though one of my nicknames would lead you to think something else. And for the record, I never wanted the nickname and, oddly enough, I do remember who the first person was (yes, some girl somewhere) to bestow the nickname on me.

I think most of the class was expecting me to say that I saw myself as a one of the Care Bears. Unfortunately, when I go by my shortened name, Ger, it rhymes with care, bear, stare, fair. Instead of Care Bear, I got called Ger Bear, and I still do to this day by some people. And probably after this; by many more as well. For the record, my name is pronounced with a hard “G” – like go, great, ghost, and my personal favorite, grope. For pronunciation lessons on my full name please stop by at a later date and we can discuss.

It doesn’t help that I have a fair bit of chest hair and am just so damn adorable and you just want to throw your arms around me and cuddle. That last sentence might be a little over the top but I don’t think so. I’m a snuggler. I could have been a Care Bear I suppose, but the woman would have had to be at least 50 foot tall to make it seem to scale. And while I’m not entirely shallow – I’m not dating a freak. I’ll date someone who wants to get freaky. But I won’t date a freak. Excessive height is out. As much fun as I think a third breast would be, a girl with more than two would also be out. Would be hard to get the right action when you played motorboat. But, I shall move on.

We had a few Bugs Bunnies, one guy even said Yosemite Sam, and some girl said she’d be Foghorn Leghorn. Personally, I think she just chose him because his name is cool and she wanted to prove how wild her imagination was. Surprisingly, no one said Fred Flintstone though. And I was sure more than two people would have opted for Mickey or Minnie Mouse. But the most surprising thing was that I was the only person who said my cartoon character – which totally emphasized my point though.

I chose Tigger, that wonderful cartoon Tiger. While I don’t have stripes or a tail to spring on, I am a bundle of energy and am quite pouncy and bouncy. Tigger represents everything I like about myself. I’m friendly and outgoing, sometimes too outgoing, but deep down, I just want to keep smiling, make others happy, and go through life with as little worry as possible. I’m sure there are times when I piss people off because I’m so light-hearted and don’t seem to get outwardly angry. And hey, that’s okay. If I want to go through life bouncing around on my merry way I will damn it.

Like Tigger, I think I’m a wonderful thing. I have been blessed with a wonderful family who has shaped me into a person I like and sometimes admire. Apparently, I have also been blessed with an above average ability to write (some might say better than that but I won’t) and that makes me a wonderful thing in my estimation. I love to write; being okay at it is just a bonus. I think I’m smart, funny, creative, and athletic. Right now I think I’m very modest too but I’m usually quite humble.

I pride myself on my originality, even if I’m not sure I’m as unique as I think I am. Tigger is the only one, he tells us, and I’m trying to be the “only one” of me. I want people to meet me and think that they will never meet another person like me again. But in a good way. I don’t want them hoping they never meet another person like me again. That wouldn’t really be good for the ego. And yes, I am a whore for positive attention.

But probably the main reason I’m most like Tigger is a simple little fact that no one can deny. You see, you can’t spell Tigger without G-E-R. There would be no Tigger without ger. And I like thinking that so just leave me be.

Now, what cartoon character are you most like? Any Jessica Rabbit’s out there?



23 thoughts on “What I would be Like Animated

  1. One year at school I got called ‘Snork Maiden’ (from the Moomins) for a couple of terms. Which was a bit dark. But for most of my school days I lived with the moniker of one of the characters from the British sitcom Red Dwarf. For reasons best left unexplained. My current nickname is so obvious it hurts and has stuck with me my whole adult life. Jessica Rabbit? She is something I aspire to. But I just can’t walk in heels.

      • After much deliberation, I have decided on The Brain from Pinky & The Brain, as at the back of my mind I am always plotting to take over the world. In a cheerful fashion, of course.

      • Yes, doing it with a smile would be easier for people to take. And a riveting theme tune!

  2. A couple of weeks ago when I wrote: “If my body would move at the speed of my thoughts, I would be a squirrel”, someone replied: “No, I don’t see you like a squirrel, I see you like Road Runner”. That if my body would move at the speed of my thoughts… Because I’m more like Paw Hillbilly (from the Hillbilly Bears) 🙂
    So I guess, it’s a cross between those two.
    And thank you for telling how to say your name 🙂

  3. Hi. Hhhmm if you’re Tigger, I’m probably Eeyore. Watched the cartoon series 10-15 years ago & somehow I feel connected to Eeyore. He looks pessimistic but I believe he’s actually full of (hidden) wisdom.
    Another cartoon character that I could relate to is Princess Jasmine. She’s independent and opinionated unlike other Disney princesses. She also seems unfazed by wealth. 🙂

    • Eeyore was very underappreciated. Good choice.
      No one mentioned Princess Jasmine in the class either. Interesting.

  4. Ha! I’m most like Roo in the hundred acre wood, though Bugs Bunny is my hero. And Jessica Rabbit…she’s a fab female character…strong, compassionate, intuitive, sharp…sounds like me on good days. Not a redhead though.

  5. Gonna have to go with Judy Jetson. She was super dramatic, starry-eyed and always accessorized. I’m still waiting to push a button and have my hair, make-up and outfit applied instantly. What gives? It’s 2014!

  6. A fine analogy, sir! I’d like to be more like Tigger, but I’m afraid I’m more of an Eeyore–or should that be Eyesore? My wife tells me I’ve come to resemble Homer Simpson, though since I’m living in Korea where people worship youth and I’m fifty, I’m starting to feel more like Mr. Burns. In the old days my role model was Barney Gumbel (sp?). After quaffing too much coffee, I become a cross between Porky Pig and Daffy Duck. Long live the cartoon universe!

    • That is some serious cartoon shenanigans going on in your life. I’m jealous, truly I am. Sadly, with my stutter, there are days I’m very much Porky Pig.

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