I was out on Friday night with a Meet Up group I’ve joined. There are dozens around Dubai, offering many different clubs to meet like minded people. I joined one for 35+ year olds. We try and do a mixture of things. This Friday night, around 50 of us took to a catamaran and sailed around the Atlantis Hotel and Burj al Arab. I didn’t have my camera with me as I knew it would be dark and it wasn’t really the place to set up and tripod and take photos that would work out.

We all met at the marina for 5:30 for a 6:00 pm departure time. The marina is right next to a busy bar. As the bar blasted music, and on my left the many skyscrapers ate into the sky at dusk, I peered out over the water, across the rows of boats towards the horizon. The sun stared back at me, if the sun can stare, and for the briefest of moments I forgot that I resided inside one of the most elaborate concrete jungles ever assembled. As people boarded the catamaran, I snapped off a quick photo with my mobile phone.


As we pulled away from the harbour, the sounds from the bar disappeared and the sea opened up in front of us. The lights from Dubai dotted the skyline to our right, the dark expanse of water (and many miles away Iran) greeted us to our left. And for a few hours, we were all just passengers sharing stories, laughs, and the realisation that we could indeed find some perspective amongst the glitz and glamour.

These are my favourite times in Dubai. This same group, although not all the same people, will be having our Halloween party on a catamaran as well. Yes, I have already reserved my costume.



14 thoughts on “Perspective

    • I’m renting a costume. Have it reserved. Not telling as I don’t want to spoil the surprise. I might nod my head if someone guesses though.

  1. Wow, tiggerific photo β‰§β— β—‘β— β‰¦βœŒ It’s inspiring to know this photo was taken from your mobile phone. I take quick photos with my Blackberry all the time.

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