Photographers … I Need Assistance

I mentioned in an earlier post that I use the social media Instagram quite frequently. I don’t now, and never have, professed to be a photographer (or at least a good one), but recently, one of the people who follows me on Instagram has asked if she could buy one of my photos from me.

To say I was a little stunned would be an understatement. I never thought that anyone besides me would want to hang one of my photos up (and I currently don’t have any hanging up), so I had no idea what to say to her. Seriously, not a clue.

A couple guys at work who are also on Instagram tell me I should go for it and squeeze as much out of her as possible. But I don’t know. The fact she asked to purchase it, when I have never once intimated that I sell images or anything like that, baffled me. I guess she could have just copied the image and had it printed, which I wouldn’t have known about, so the fact she asked if she could purchase the photo is very forthcoming and commendable.

But what do I charge? I have no clue. Not the foggiest. And if I do sell her the image, in whichever form (jpeg, printed canvas, whatever) does this mean I’ll have to consider myself no longer a hobbyist when it comes to photography? And will I actually have to get a better website for my photos and start reading the books and articles I have on getting all the benefits out of my Canon 60D.

And on another note, no one wants to buy any of my writing! Ha-ha.



16 thoughts on “Photographers … I Need Assistance

  1. If you have absolutely no desire to sell photography, then if it were me, I would thank her for the compliment and suggest that she take a copy of the image off the net. But that’s me:)

  2. Wow Ger 🙂 That is really cool and I think you should go with it. If it were me, I would ask her how much she is willing to offer first.
    And let this be a start.

    • That’s what I would do, too…offer to let her decide what the image is worth. It seems like she’s paying you a well-deserved compliment. As far as ‘have-to’ – you might’ve figured out already that I’m not the ‘have-to’ type. If you WANT to read more, learn more, set up a photography blog home, go for it! But not because someone wants to buy one of your images.

      Interestingly, my daughter and I were just talking about Instagram. She asked me if I had an account, and I told her no, but that I probably will, one day. She said she was thinking about getting one. She’s ten, and lives in a very different world than the one I grew up in! =D

  3. I had the same thing happen to me, and I was stunned. I ended up deciding that making a print would be more time-consuming than it was worth, so I said no but sent her the digital file. I’m at a weird place with photography where I’ve worked with some clients but never for money (for trade, or free for a friend). I’d love to do a paid shoot and would do prints as part of a package but the idea of making a print of a photo I took for my own project isn’t something I’m really interested in.

  4. What a wonderful predicament. I’d say study that red bubble site or Fine Art America for clues. And I guess it would depend on what the person wanted as far a framing or not, or canvas or not, or just the print, and what size.

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