The Soundtrack of my Life

I was watching that excellent John Cusack movie High Fidelity the other day for the first time in a very long time. I just want to interject here and say I really like John Cusack movies. Even when he was young, showing up in John Hughes films, he was still excellent. As geek #1 in Sixteen Candles he stole the show, or he would have if not for Gedde Watanabe as Long Duck Dong. I should also say that the book by Nick Hornby is brilliant. If you haven’t read Nick Hornby, you need to.

Anyway, I’ve followed John Cusack since he was just John Cusack, now he’s more like John “Chicago’s own” Cusack. And High Fidelity is one of his finest movies. And, one of his most thought provoking ones as well.

In this movie, he runs a record store and he and his shop mates are always trying to discuss the top 5 songs for everything. Well, towards the end, he poses himself with the the question about the top 5 songs to the soundtrack of his life.

That, is even more of a doozy question than my one about dinner guests from months ago. I sorta thought about it, what 5 songs would be the last, and most important 5 on the soundtrack of my life and I’m coming up blank.

The funny guy in me would pick a song by an obscure Canadian band called The Odds because it would be funny. The song would be “Heterosexual Man” and basically, the premise is, well, about getting it on with chicks. See, that would be a funny answer, and I’m all about funny.

But, if this was at my funeral or a gathering celebrating my life, would that be the song I would want? Highly unlikely, but I’m drawing a blank. For the first time in a long time I am wracking my brain for no results.

Of course, I haven’t put any serious serious thought into, but I totally think it would be a tough decision. I mean, I grew up listening to music from 7 decades, how am I supposed to whittle this down? I have so many songs that have a significant hold on me.

Maybe I’ll make my list later. After all, I’ve got more living to do. Wouldn’t it be premature to make the list now?

14 thoughts on “The Soundtrack of my Life

  1. Man…that was such a “bait and switch” title! Condensing to 5 is a monumental challenge though. I love Cusack, and I know it’s a ‘chick flick’ but Serendipity is one of my favorite movies with him. He has the perfect ratio of surly and earnestly adorable. I’ll give you two of my favorites…but I don’t know if they’re my top 5. The first is on the Serendipity soundtrack (I believe).

    1). Nick Drake-Northern Sky

    2). Neil Young-Harvest Moon

    Now…2 of your favorites. They don’t have to be top 5 :).

    • I can always listen to Bring it on Home to Me by Sam Cooke, and one of my favourite bands of all time is the Cult and She Sells Sanctuary might be the best song of the 80s.

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