A Return

Hello all,

Sorry for my absence these past few days but, once again (and feel free to hate me now), I was off traveling and with limited Wi-Fi (and when I did have it, I didn’t really want to write anything). I managed to get across to Sri Lanka for four days. I will post a day by day account of my travels, including photos, but just thought I’d leave a few comments here first.

1. As you can tell by this photo taken at Sigiriya Rock, it is very green and I loved it. It threatened to rain that morning but for the most part it held off.


2. Sri Lanka is predominantly Buddhist so there are statues to him everywhere – even at random intersections.

3. It takes forever to get anywhere by car as the roads are very narrow and the speed limit is slow. But you never drive the speed limit anyway so a journey of 40 kilometers can take over an hour to get there.

4. If you like monkeys, go to Sri Lanka. Monkeys are everywhere. As are random cows. Some cows could be seen on the side of the road in bigger towns. An interesting thing to be sure.

5. Prepare to walk around when at temples, ruins, or other historical sites. But the walking is worth it. To reach the top of the aforementioned Sigiriya Rock, you have to climb over 1200 stairs (not all at once though).

As I said, I will talk about my trip and post photos later. I hope you’re all happy and healthy and looking forward to the holidays!!



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