Yay Me!! Sorry, I’m Gloating Again

I’m all for blowing my own horn (I even got some ribs removed so I could do it in real life [wink wink]), so I’m going to delay posting Sri Lanka holiday photos to talk about something really cool and wonderful that happened to me. Yes, me! The relatively cute and charming guy that operates this blog. The guy with the slight stutter, a travel problem, a bad golf game, and two cats that control him. But he’s pretty cool anyway and today, or late yesterday to be precise, a little bit of awesome happened to put a real smile on his face.

As you all know, I’m lucky enough to be in a position to travel. As such, I have seen some wonderful things. You also know that I always take a camera with me. And I love my Canon 60D digital camera. I have a memory card way too big for my needs, but it means I can snap off as many photos as I want without worrying about taking up too much space. Eventually, one of those photos is going to turn out okay. I once read a quote by a very talented photographer that said your first 10,000 photos were all terrible, or something along those lines. Well, I guess this must have been photo 10,001!

I don’t want to get too technical with camera terms, but the high megapixel images my camera produces means I can crop and zoom in or enlarge the photo without it losing too much quality. So I decided that I would just crop the picture down until all that was left was this:


I wanted to capture the quiet beauty and features of the lioness. They really are a beautiful animal and this girl just grabbed me. Having said that though, I am a complete amateur so most of my photos would not get a second glance by anyone with any real photographic talent. I love it, but I’m still very much in the learning phase of things.

Anyway, I posted this photo to my Instagram account (@gerthepenguin). I have somehow managed to generate over 1000 followers, which I think is great because I’m not famous, don’t post photos of my tits or ass to become popular, and try and tag each photo with something witty. Plus, most of my followers either love animals, travel, or are just jealous that I have been privileged enough to see what I have. And yes, I do know I am lucky.

I follow a lot of travel companies and other people who love safaris and travel. One of the sites I follow, who also follows me, sends out daily photos of animals spotted in Kruger National Park in South Africa. They also have a website that contains a blog and images, including some of the best images taken in the previous months. Well, they selected the photo above to be on their website and also re-posted it on their Instagram account. And yes, my name and Instagram account was mentioned. They make no mistakes in giving credit where it is due. I was delighted when they asked me; even more so seeing it on an actual website that isn’t mine.

If any of you are on Instagram, I definitely recommend following @krugertracksapp. They showcase some amazing photos of Kruger and the animals within. They usually have weekly themes as well, such as baby animals, landscapes, etc. And of course, check out their website http://www.mykrugertracks.co.za. Click on the Gallery link and you’ll see my lion there. She almost looks as proud as I do.

19 thoughts on “Yay Me!! Sorry, I’m Gloating Again

  1. Bahaha… gloat away! I have HK/Macao, Myanmar and New York lined up for 2015. Oops. I guess this blowing your horn thing is contagious. Haha. Congrats on your photographic achievement, it does look like something straight out of National Geographic!

    • Thank you. I was a little surprised when they asked me but had to say yes. I’ve only just seen the photo on my desktop computer and not my mobile phone screen. I’m surprised by the quality of the image.

  2. Congratulations, Geraint! I can see why they chose your picture, as it’s a stunning photo. I hope the cats you live with aren’t quite so ferocious-looking. Thanks also for liking my latest post. Have yourself a merry little Christmas (even if the song of that title’s slightly annoying).

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