The Honeypot – 101 Word Fiction Exercise

I thought I’d share a little brief piece of creativity today. Scouring the Internet for writing challenges, I found one that required a story told in 101 words. Most of us have time for 101 words. I asked a co-worker (when I wrote it) for a theme or word (he chose what he was pouring in his tea – honey) and I went from there.

I would have followed her anywhere. Through her, I learned my most valuable lessons. Our life of irony wasn’t limited to my greatest teacher being a high school dropout. And when she went bounding into the woods, I should have listened to the rumbles coming from my stomach.

The mumble inside me soon gave way to the buzzing around me, the mass confusion I felt course through my veins soon enveloped me in a mass of wispy wings and tormented fury.

As I lay, welts exploding from my skin, all I could think was how much her voice tasted like honey.

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