Seasonal Greetings

Odds are I won’t be online tomorrow; even though I will be spending a good chunk of Christmas Day alone with my cats watching them go crazy over their new cat toys. But I will be going out for a nice Christmas brunch with close friends here and possibly to see some other friends in the evening so it’s not all bad. And I have a friend here, as you’ll see below, who just wants to say a few words to you …


Darth, day 24 in my Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar, is feeling rather Christmassy right now. See the cape? And the small bag of presents. Well, here’s what he wants me to say on his behalf (minus the robotic wispy voice).

Have a wonderfully Merry Christmas and a safe New Year. May 2015 be your best year yet. May it be full of love, or friendship, of travel, and of laughs. May your family be healthy and prosperous; however you define prosperous. And my you continue to read Penguin Ponderings! That shit be full of the force!

Oh, and join the Dark Side. (Editor’s note – Join whatever side you wish, if you must, just be happy).

There you have it. Listen to Darth. He means well. Rumours that he’s giving out slightly used right hands for Christmas this year  cannot be confirmed at this time.

Cheers and Merry Christmas,


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