Back in the Dubai Saddle

Happy 2015 to all,

Just a short blog entry today as I’m exhausted and supposed to be working. I promise I will do some work before the day is out. I didn’t get home from Jordan, where I spent my new year, until around 11:30 last night, didn’t find sleep until around 3, and my 5 am alarm sounded like the angriest woman ever (and I’ve made a few of them angry in my time!!).

If I had stayed in Dubai for New Year’s Eve, no doubt I would have found a way to end up like this:


But I didn’t stay in Dubai. I went away to Jordan with a friend and we had a whirlwind 4 day tour trying to hit all the highlights. As far as I’m concerned though, I really wanted to see Petra and perhaps soak in the Dead Sea. Mission accomplished on both counts.

I am going to upload the photos and I will blog in detail about the experience. Mind you, I still owe you my Sri Lanka journey as well so I’m not doing pretty well there am I? Jeez Ger, way to let people down. Does anyone still care I went to Sri Lanka? Does anyone still want to see some photos? Or would that just further prove I’m a dick and have it far luckier than a lot of people do? Just throwing that out there for discussion.

While the weather cooperated for the most part, it did tend to cloud over in the evenings so catching sight of a sunset was void, until the night we were driving past the Dead Sea. I managed to snap a couple photos off on my camera and on my phone. I captured this one on my phone. We sat there for about 10 minutes. The sun didn’t seem to move at all. Cars rushed past. Some stopped. And whatever the rest of 2015 wants to throw at me; I’ll always have this moment. Nothing like a great sunset to put everything in perspective.


I hope you all had a safe New Year’s and here’s wishing 2015 is your best year yet (meeting me would ensure it would be!). Ha, good to see my sense of humour remains intact in 2015.



9 thoughts on “Back in the Dubai Saddle

  1. Welcome back on a brand New Year.
    Photos and at least a short description of your whirlwind tour to both the places would be helpful.

  2. So far only read this post but I like your light style. I am sure you are fortunate but that doesn’t necessarily make you a dick, but you know better than I. chuckle
    I am going to follow, I am shovelling snow here, and you are enjoying the Dead Sea – opposites weatherwise. Have a great year in 2015 blogging.

    • Thank you for the comment and follow. I’m not really a dick. But it’s good to let people know you think you are so you don’t come across as “THAT” guy.

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