A Completely Different Meaning

I think we could all use a little laughter in our lives right now with plane crashes, explosions, shootings, and all the other general nightmares that humans tend to do to one another. How I envy my cats most days.

I am often fascinated by the subtleties of language. Even in English, the only language I speak, I am often left amused on a daily basis at just how different it can be throughout different English-speaking countries: and in some cases, within the same English-speaking country. Americans have a trunk on their car. The English have a boot. Americans use cell phones. Brits use mobile phones. And just recently, one such case got me laughing. And I already knew there was a difference.

My good friend Kim, an Australian, has just landed in Namibia for an African safari. I’ve been to Namibia before and love it. If you get the chance, you definitely need to go. Namibia has game reserves, adventure sports, some of the largest sand dunes in the world, the second largest canyon in the world. And landscapes to die for. It is seriously like no other country on Earth.

Kim also knows that I am a safari nut so she sent me a copy of her self-made travel packing list. And her itinerary in case it would prompt jealousy in me. Plan successful. I’m going over her list, and on it, if I were not as educated as I profess to be, I would have let out a little giggle. I would have giggled because I’m a little childish at times, and because of how exact the list was.

Half way down the list she has put Thongs: 2 pairs. Now, here is the first thing that pops into my head.


(You have no idea how hard it was for me to not include a photo of one of these being worn by a woman – but since the majority of my readership is women, I shall respect your sensitivities and I’m fully aware and appreciative of the fact that you are not objects for me to lust over. But if you want to send photos of you in thongs like these, that is your prerogative and I cannot stop you. And yes, I will still respect you).

To an Aussie, these are thongs:


A really big difference in the sexy factor. Mind you, there are some people I’d rather see in the second photo of thongs than the first one.

Back to her list and the reading of said item. Naturally, being a writer of creative fiction when I’m not suffering through writer’s block or extreme bouts of procrastination (coupled with the overriding fear that my writing is shit), my imagination is fantastic and fantastical all at the same time. I can see Kim sitting cross-legged at home (she is wearing clothes in the image I have), her backpack in front of her, some clothes scattered in front of her. She has several thongs of the first variety laid out before her, but since she only needs 2 according to her list, she has a decision to make. I would like to interject now and say I have never seen her underwear, either on her or in photos, so this is all just speculation. You guys know I am a little mental at times.

I can see her talking to herself about the benefits and negatives of each one before selecting two. Yeah, I know. It’s amazing she got an answer from me on whether she had packed everything she needed to take.

So remember my friends, if an Aussie wants to show you her new thongs, you better hope she’s had a pedicure because you’ll be looking at her feet. Odds are she has. Because let’s be honest here, if you purposely want someone to look at your feet, you’re going to make sure they look good. Kind of like when they wear a push-up bra and low cut t-shirt … but that’s a story for another time.



6 thoughts on “A Completely Different Meaning

  1. True story – I was leaving for a trip and mentioned I travel light, going to a hot place so I need runners for the plane, and thongs once I arrive. The lady coworkers thought this was hilarious and then gagged imagining me in a thong. I suppose growing up I wore thongs, now I am much older, I wear sandals.

  2. I grew up in the U.S. calling them them (shoes) thongs, until the whole thong underwear thing happened. Now they are flip-flops. On a similar note: I have a friend from Scotland who is very outgoing/loud. I can’t tell you how many times I hid my face in my hands as she cried out “I’m gagging for a fag”. She was saying she really wanted a cigarette. I haven’t had drinks with her in a long time…

    • I had a British friend at school who would always ask other students if he could “bum a fag”. He wanted to borrow a cigarette of course, but this always drew snickers.

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