Caught Dipping

Hey all,

I lost a bet with a friend, and as such, the rather, ummm, revealing photo that was taken of me is now going on my blog. At least this way, I know where it is I guess.

I don’t often swim. I can’t swim. So I don’t often go in the water. But a group of us went skinny dipping this one time (not at band camp) and someone decided that the only photo to be taken should be of me. Thankfully, you can’t see much more than my upper torso, because believe me, the water was cold and yeah, that’s my excuse any way. But seriously, it isn’t too bad of a photo. I actually look pretty good. It just goes to prove my theory right. When I don’t know my photo is being taken, I look surprisingly good. When I know, and try to pose … yuck. That’s why all my official photos for ID cards, passports, licenses, and applications to be Katy Perry’s concubine are terrible.

And since I have come to the conclusion that I have no shame, and quite frankly, like the attention and was voted the 2009 Blogger Most Likely to Sleep with a Follower (now defunct award system a desperately single me awarded to myself), I shall reveal my recent beach photo …

IMG_20141120_132503 Damn am I gorgeous.



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