There and Back Again (And I’m not Talking about the Hobbit)

Hello again.

Yes, this is me. The Penguin who ponders. Sorry I’ve been away for so long. Rest assured, if any of you were worried, that I am fine and have been fine. Work, on the other hand, has been extremely busy. Long hours, problems giving me metaphorical headaches, and the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was turn on my computer again. Hopefully you all understand.

The most exciting thing that has happened over the last few weeks is that my mum and aunt came out to visit me here in Dubai. They actually left yesterday morning after spending 5 nights with me. I didn’t know this, but it was the first time my mum had ever been anywhere other than the UK, the US, and Canada! I took them up the Burj Khalifa, got them on a desert safari and a dhow cruise around the marina. The only thing my kitchen was used for was the kettle providing our boiled water for tea as we ate all our meals at restaurants around town – it was a vacation after all.

I’ll be heading to Canada in a couple of weeks for 11 days. Just a short trip this time. One of my best friends turns 50 later this month and he’s having an 80s themed party. I CANNOT miss that. I’ve got my costume all sorted and will be taking it with me. Nope, I will tell you. You’ll have to see the photos when I come back. And I promise there will be photos. I’ve got an overnight in Los Angeles on my way there. I’ll probably be too tired to do much but if anyone has any suggestions that would be great. I’m staying out near LAX for convenience and I’m told there is a casino nearby should I wish to indulge in some minor gambling!

Also on the agenda is some long overdue travel tales. I went to Sri Lanka in December and will post some photos and a brief recap of that trip. I was also in Jordan in January and Petra deserves a blog post all of its own (and it will get one). I shall also try and catch up on things I’ve missed too. If you’ve all had some major or minor things happening in your lives and I’ve missed them, I really am sorry.

I have missed you all. Yes, even you. But the thought of turning my computer on after long hours at work appealed to me as much as having my scrotum waxed with sulfuric acid. How’s that for a visual?

Besides my trip home, I have put down a deposit for my friend Kim and I to go on a safari in South Africa this August. Yes, I went on one last year, and have been on them before, but I really believe I could do 4 a year and not get bored. This time I’m venturing to a part of Kruger Park I’ve never seen and also staying in lodges I’ve never stayed in. I’m also going a bit more upmarket this time. Not full blown luxury, but definitely more luxurious than I have ever done. And yes, there will be photos as well!

I was sick for most of January, first with a stomach virus and then with tonsillitis, but I’m feeling healthy and raring to go now. Once Game of Thrones starts next month it’ll be all systems go.

It’s great to catch up again and I will post again soon; hopefully tomorrow if I can think of anything to say. Failing that, you can always ask me a question or give me a prompt in the comments and I will try my best to accommodate!



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