My Blogging History is Dwindling

I have mentioned several times before that I had a blog on another site (2 actually) before I made my way here to WordPress. One of the driving factors for me coming to WordPress was the jettisoning of many of the talented writers that I would read with interest on the other site. And now, almost 2 years since I wrote my last post on that site, I received an email saying it was shutting down for good in 2 weeks’ time. I have 2 weeks to copy and save any of the posts on there I haven’t yet saved.

My first blog was on a site called, which I initially joined to post some short fiction and read the works of others in, what I was hoping, was a great work shopping environment. While I did get comments on my work, most of them were roughly 4 or 5 words long, and held no value to me in terms of how I could fix the piece, or what actually worked. They did have a chat feature that I found appealing, and after spending several weeks in there with the same usual suspects, a few of them said I should take advantage of the blog feature on the site and start one. I did. It was full of comical tales of my trials and tribulations in the dating world, heroic tales from the football pitch, and random bouts of nothingness and trivia. I had a steady following, but the site was very insulated so finding any kind of external readership was likely to never happen.

Several of the bloggers from that I read and admired moved to a site called Open.Salon (the baby sibling of I followed, and after a wonderful introduction by a friend and popular blogger, artist, and person, I had an immediate readership of talented, smart, and diverse people. And things started out great. But like all good things … bad things can happen.

The problem with blogging, and the Internet in general it must be said, is that is gives people a perfect hiding place if they want one. I don’t hide behind a comic avatar. My name is readily visible on my blog as well. I don’t hide. But I have no reason to. I try not to be offensive. I do not use my blog to belittle individuals, races, religions, or creeds. At the end of the day, we’re all the same people. Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost sight of that. So far on this site, touch wood, I have not seen anything that would make me want to leave (barring my own writer’s block and failure to live up to any expectations that I think I should have).

But on my previous site, while I was excluded from most of it as I didn’t wade in to waters that didn’t look appetising, many of the excellent bloggers (and better people) that I would read, were shoulders deep in shit slinging that it made signing on to the site each day a nightmare for me: and I was only reading. Bullying and cliques, “She said you did this”, “He said she did this”, it was enough to remind me of the terrible days in school when my stutter rendered me “retarded kid” (to quote several teenagers back in the day). And all from the safety net of a picture of a kitten and a made up screen name. Flex them anonymous muscles, people.

I met (virtually) some really great people on that site. Many of them are friends on Facebook and Instagram. Most of them still write in one guise or the other on the many other blog sites around. It was once said, because I was so welcoming to people who would stop by and comment on my blog, that I was the blogger most likely to sleep with one of his fellow blog followers. It wasn’t said out of meanness. And they were probably right at the time. Lol.

So while it saddens me a site where people can meet and communicate is shutting down, a site where I wrote some wonderful stuff amidst the drivel, I will not shed any tears. The beauty of that site was lost on me a long time ago. The idiots ruled the village. I will be checking in and reading some posts for the last time though. The great writing from wonderful people deserves that; just as it does on this site.

Keep writing. Keep reading. Keep respecting your fellow bloggers and humans. You don’t have to agree with everything that is said out there, including in this post. But don’t go out and make it your mandate to drag something or someone through the mud. We’re all just trying to find a place to speak, to air our thoughts, to meet talented, creative, and brilliant people. There’s room in here and out there for all of us. Be good to each other my friends.



13 thoughts on “My Blogging History is Dwindling

  1. This bothers me so much. I was actually just speaking to a good friend about this yesterday…how the internet and social media has given us this sense of anonymity…and while there are so many people out there who use it for good, it breaks my heart when I see people using it as a way to tear others down. It actually takes a lot of guts and bravery to share your written word, art, music, or photography online, and while I’m all for constructive criticism, just plain old meanness is so unnecessary and saddening.

    However…the way I see it; if these people are taking precious minutes out of their lives to write something condescending, rude, or degrading on somebody else’s work, they obviously have much larger issues than the person on the receiving end.

    I’ll always remember the first rude, hateful comment I received on my blog…I was really upset about it until I received an email telling me that the rude person had signed up to receive e-mail subscriptions to all of my posts. The world is a strange place.

    Focus on the positivity and all of the incredible people you have met along the way. I, for one, think you’re freaking awesome. 🙂



    • Hi Ashley. You’re freaking awesome as well. And follow you in all your mediums (I think). I wrote a piece about something that happened to me in Saudi and the admin team of my previous blog wanted to post it on the main news site, which was a big deal. I remember coming back a few hours later to read the comments. Nothing about the writing. Most just offering up personal attacks on me. You want to rip apart my writing, fine. Don’t use the safety of your keyboard as a springboard to rip me apart because you don’t like yourself, have a small cock, whatever. It takes just as much time to type “Wow, that was eye opening” as it does to type “Dude, you’re a fucking pussy”.

      But there is good out there. You are proof. So are the people I follow and read and who follow and read me.

  2. Well said, Ger.
    The internet is a strange place indeed, but I’m finding WordPress to be quite ‘comfortable’. There are still *scenes* that I’ve happened across, but I try my hardest to ignore them and concentrate on my writing and reading the words of the people I follow.

    Keep on keeping on, and all that!

    • I haven’t come across this here … yet. I’m sure it is out there, as it usually is, but I don’t stick my nose out looking for it. The people I read and follow, and who read and follow me, seem above this crap, and for that I am grateful. It takes a lot of guts to post writing, photos, anything creative online – that should be celebrated, not degraded.
      Keep on writing, mate. I’ll keep on reading.

  3. Hi Ger! So sorry, it’s been so long since I visited you blog! I was talking to another blogger here on WordPress and we were both saying how wonderful the community is here. I’ve never come across a judgmental and hurtful environment here. That’s a rare thing, think about Twitter for example!!! ❤

    • Hi Michelle,
      It had been around 2 months since I had posted anything so you didn’t miss much. I’m the one who’s been away. Great to see your name pop up in my comments though.
      So far so good with WordPress too. I had to leave Twitter (primarily because people telling me they’re about to have grilled cheese sandwiches didn’t exactly strike me as internet worthy – but I agree with their right to say it!)

      • Totally! Well welcome back in that case! 🙂 I don’t have twitter. Nothing against it personally, I just see so much hate come out of it. People bad talking each other and posting hateful things. I can do without. 🙂

    • Hi Michelle.
      Sorry it’s taken a while to respond. I’m glad your experience here has been positive. It only takes a few bad comments to put people off writing and contributing.
      Keep up the great work.

      • Hi Ger!
        It’s okay, I’ve been so busy this week I haven’t had a lot of time to write much. Yeah, it can be easily discouraging especially if people don’t react positively to your writing. I think everyone has experienced that at some point. Just keep writing. 🙂

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