Home from Hamburg


St Michealis Church in the foreground.

I made it back from Hamburg, Germany in one piece. Not that there was ever a fear of me not coming back; but if anyone was going to find a way to come back minus a piece or two, I suppose it would be me! Also, my bank account didn’t take too much of a hit either. That is also excellent news. Not the most excellent news I have; but excellent news.

I did promise you all a blog, with photos, on Hamburg. And there will be a couple because I crammed so much stuff into my time there that one blog will not suffice. Far too much information and far too many photos to share for only one blog article. As you can see, I’ve already included one photo here for you. This is St Michealis Church, just a short walk away from my hotel. In fact, this photo was taken from the Tower Bar at the hotel I was staying at. The Tower Bar is so named because it resides on the top floor of the old tower of this former naval facility building. I did go into St Michealis later in my trip and have photos from the steeple, 110 metres up. Not quite the Burj Khalifa in Dubai; but stunning views nonetheless.

As mentioned at the end of the first paragraph, I do have excellent news. Well, I think it is excellent. You might think it’s merely interesting, or even don’t really care. That is your prerogative. I have a hunch you’ll think my news is excellent too. So I must share it with you.

As you know, I’m very active on Instagram. I have been fortunate enough to have one of my photos on Instagram feature on a website in South Africa covering Kruger National Park. Photography for me is a hobby. I’m passionate about it; but my skill level and time to devote to it will see it remain a hobby and nothing more until that changes. And who knows when that will be?

But I always consider myself a writer. Yes, it is a hobby. Yes, I do work as a writer in a certain guise. Yes, I’m the biggest procrastinator on Earth when it comes to the creative projects I’m working on. Except for my latest one.

Over one year ago now I went on an Instagram meet-up. Fellow Instagrammers in Dubai got together down at the beach front and we did a walkaround snapping photos. It was a good way to meet like-minded people. Naturally, you add each other as favourites. It’s just what you do. Fast forward to last week and I receive a private message from one of them. He always likes my photos and has commented before on some them. He simply asks if I’d be interested in writing for the magazine he works for …

I get him to send me an email covering what it is they need, how long, photos, etc. They are a travel magazine that once a year has a more global feel than normal. I have travelled. He knows this. He also knows I’m a writer. To him, it seemed natural to ask me.

Of course I accepted. The main obstacle was the deadline – 23 July. I would be away in Hamburg for most of the week leading up to deadline day. I don’t own a laptop or a tablet device. But I do own a notepad and pen. And on Sunday, while the first drops of rain began to fall as I sat under an umbrella in the café in the Planten un Blomen, or “plants and flowers” in English, I scribbled my way through a first draft of a piece about walking safaris in Africa. Choosing the 5-8 photos will be difficult and will have to be done tonight.

I must say; it did feel good to write with a pen again. And at a café. The optional beer didn’t hurt either. Neither did the large ice cream sundae I had after this photo was taken and the writing was done. I saw it as a reward for sticking to a task and finishing it. Plus I thought ice cream would be a different lunch to my usual helping of German bratwurst and pretzels!


So, the real Hamburg blogs will follow. I want to get this article done first for possible inclusion in the August magazine. I’ll keep you all posted.



8 thoughts on “Home from Hamburg

    • Thank you very much, KG. Taken with my phone as I didn’t have the camera with me at that time. More to follow with the camera.

  1. Congratulations! Such an exciting time for you. Love the church in black and white. It makes it so timeless 🙂

  2. That’s incredible news! I’m sure NatGeo is just around the corner! I’m ending all of my sentences with exclamation points because I remember reading that’s one of your pet peeves!!!!

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