An End to My Silence

Hello all,

I am back. And back with a vengeance (like the albatros in Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner). Okay, not so much a vengeance. But I am back from holidays and will post about them shortly.

As you know, because I told you all many times, I headed to South Africa. I spent 6 days on safari and then 3 days in Cape Town. I actually did a photographic tour while in Cape Town with a professional photographer. I think my photos are better now. Not sure though. And during the entire trip, I only turned my phone on 5 times. And I used those 5 times to check sports stuff. I will try and catch up with reading now that I am back.

I have around 1500 photos to sort through as I would like to include some on my next few blogs for you all. And surprisingly, my friend Kim who joined me on the trip managed to take more than I did. I suppose I was a bit more focussed on what I was capturing this time (and I did delete some before uploading them, which is abnormal for me).

I should have the first day of the safari blog up tomorrow and ready to go. Like my safari last year, I’ll do a day by day account. I find it easier to follow that way and I can include way more photos.

And since most holiday pics don’t include a photo of the person on holiday, I have decided to include one that the professional photographer who led the photo tour took of me on the sly. His name was Peter Haarhoff (check out his flckr) and he works for Cape Photographic Company. If you’re in the Cape Town area, I highly recommend booking a tour with him. He’s insightful, funny, knows his (and your) camera inside and out, and just a really great guy. It was an excellent day; despite it being too cloudy to capture the sunrise shots we wanted.


Nothing beats an African sunset …



18 thoughts on “An End to My Silence

  1. Your photos have always been good, Ger. But I agree, after Peter’s assistance, the sky is now the limit for both of us. Very impressed with what I’ve seen so far ☺️
    And thank you for being so awesome & easy to travel with.

    • Thank you very much, Kim. You too were an excellent travel buddy. Laid back and enjoyed South Africa as much as I did. And I look forward to seeing your photos too.

    • Cheers, OM.Very kind of you to stop by. I’ll be stopping by shortly to catch up with all of your shenanigans.

    • I don’t really want to be that guy who says ‘you should be jealous’ … but I know I’m a lucky SOB. Photos will follow.

  2. Oh man, South Africa is my next destination! I look forward to seeing those 1,500 pictures lol Beautiful sunset, by the way!

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