Safari Day 7 – 2015

Day 7

Africa on Foot

Mike was leading a group out on a walk so Jacques would drive the 4 of us around for the final time. The 4 of us had been on the drive together the night before, so as we set out, Jacques asked us if we wanted to return to the site of the dead kudu as the lions were likely to be there, or if we wanted to try our luck and go out in search of other animals. We were all thinking we should try our luck and see what that got us. You never know what you’ll see from one moment to the next.


One last Kruger sunrise


The brown snake eagle


The majestic rhino


A vervet monkey watches us watch him


He stopped before he reached us unfortunately. But I think he wanted to say hi


Every single one of these wrinkles tells a story

We headed back towards the watering hole from the night before, although we didn’t quite go as far. We curled around a smaller hole nearby, which was devoid of animals, but by then we had passed elephants and one fast moving large rhino that looked like he had serious business to attend to. More buffalo entered the picture, and a large male kudu was enjoying the shade just chewing the cud without a care in the world. As we neared the lodge for the final time, we rolled past no fewer than 13 zebras and a final cute little steenbok.


No need to yell, I can hear you


Yes, they do move


Well, not this one


A lonely sentinel who didn’t want to keep up with the others


These guys have no idea what side of the road to drive on


And one final close up before bidding the Klaserie Reserve good bye

We had a hearty breakfast before Mike drove us to the bush pub where we were met by a representative of Ashton’s who would drive us back to Johannesburg for our connecting flight to Cape Town. I was sad to be leaving the reserve, but Cape Town is one of my favorite cities on Earth and I was looking forward to a few days there – especially the special photography tour we had arranged. The drive back was uneventful and we got to the airport with plenty of time to have a big dinner at one of the non-fast food establishments in the place. Our flight arrived in Cape Town at around 10:30, and after learning we had been moved from our original hotel to one across the road (same company owns them both), we were assured our photography guide would be informed in the morning of our switch and we would see him at 6 am. With the clock already past midnight, it was time for sleep.

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