Random Thoughts and Questions Today

Hello again,

I’ve got no tales of Africa or photos for you today. Just words, and possibly boring ones at that. Although, since this is basically a catch up post because I’ve been offline for a while, there might be some nuggets of interesting and funny.

Last week I had a 5 day holiday for the occasion of Hajj. I nearly went 48 whole hours without using social media at all. Sometimes I just need to shut down and live in my own little bubble. Last week was one of those times. But having 5 days off did get me thinking …

  1. Seeing as though I am agnostic (pretty much anti-organized religion [cue hate mail]), should I feel guilty about happily taking all the days off for religious holidays? My lack of religious leaning also leaves me without guilt … I guess I just answered my own question.
  2. Having seen far too many of my Facebook friends post that ridiculous disclaimer about privacy has nearly driven me from Facebook (again). It was a hoax the first time it came out, and the second, and the third. If you want your life to be private, stop posting it on Facebook in the first place! Rocket science it ain’t, people.
  3. Number 2 leads me nicely into this point – my toast/soup/food/bath water must not be as interesting/yummy/inspiring/orgasmic as the toast/soup/food/bath water of my friends because I have no desire to share pictures or stories about them on social media. And guess what? Your soup isn’t that orgasmic either!
  4. A former reader of one of my blogs sent me an email once and told me I was the blogger he would most like to hang out with. I thought that was nice. He said he wasn’t sure if he wanted his daughter to meet me though. Not sure if that was a compliment or an insult. I’m also the blogger most likely to hop on a plane and meet another blogger for shits and giggles! I say former because, sadly, this blogger has passed away. And he will be missed by many.
  5. Further proof, if any was needed, that most people prefer animals to humans (but not in THAT way) – I can post a photo of me on Instagram and get 100 likes. I will post a photo of my cats and get 200 likes! I would probably get 300 likes if I posted photos of my tits but I won’t do that. I want people to like me for me and not my tits. I’m classy after all.
  6. I have decided I am really crap at posting holiday photos on Facebook. I went to Sri Lanka last December and the photos aren’t up. I also went on safari in August 2014 and those photos aren’t up either. And no, photos of my recent trip are not up either. Yeah, I have a problem.
  7. That rabbit’s foot you carry your keys on wasn’t too lucky for the rabbit, was it?
  8. Why don’t rocket scientists or astronauts ever get abducted by aliens? Is it as simple as they don’t live in trailer parks?
  9. I have decided to submit a synopsis and the first 2000 words of my children’s novel for a contest. Yes, I have the contest chosen. Yes, I would appreciate you all to keep your fingers crossed. No, I will not be holding my breath.

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts and Questions Today

  1. Not boring at all! I was entertained by your random thoughts. #2 and #3 have been bothering me recently as well whenever I go on social media (seriously, soup?! Must have been incredible then).

    #6 Yeah, same here. I try to upload my travel photos on Facebook, but the process of posting over forty (heck, even over a hundred!) photos and captioning them is daunting work. I end up waiting until weeks later to do so.

    #9: That sounds amazing! I wish you the best in the contest. Wouldn’t want you to hold your breath, either: it would be best to keep you alive in case you were to win. 😉

    • I would like to be alive to claim any prize I might win. Or get shortlisted for if that were to happen.
      Yup, pretty damn good soup I guess.

  2. I ride the line between agnosticism and atheism. *Gasps from the Bible Belt*. I’m in love with science and proof, but certain experiences can not be explained away with science as we know it. We’re all made up of energy, and that energy has to go somewhere. I think it’s arrogant for anyone to proclaim that they “know the truth”. Agnosticism leaves room for possibilities, and I’m all for that. No hate mail here.

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