As you can tell by the space between entries, I have been lacking it. This is sadly very normal for me in my creative endeavours these days. No, not days, months. My focus over the past year has been something akin to, umm, yeah, I don’t think there is anything as non-existent as my focus has been. Probably an actual living dinosaur (not including the Loch Ness Monster or an alligator or crocodile because those area all dinosaurs – I’m talking a diplodocus or something epic like that). Yeah, my focus has been dinosaur-like in its absence.

But low and behold, what is coming right over the horizon? Is it a bird? Nope, I’ve seen birds, even tried to take photos of them in flight (to varying degrees of success). Is it a plane? Nope, I’ve been on lots of planes and will be on one again on Tuesday morning. And it definitely ain’t Superman either, as let’s be honest, he doesn’t exist. Instead, what is approaching is a little writing contest called NaNoWriMo!

NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month to those who don’t like acronyms, is a month long writing festival designed to shake the doldrums off your creativity and prove to yourself, your fans, your concubines, and perhaps the world, that “YES”, you are a writer damn it. One month – November. Fifty thousand words. Focus must be kept. Keyboards must be in fine working order. Writing music must be purchased and ready to play.

This will be my fourth attempt at NaNo, having previously succeeded in crafting 50,000 words each other time I have signed up. Two of the books started remain unfinished. The third one, and first subject of my NaNo experience back in 2007, is finished and remains unpublished. While I made NaNo my bitch that year, I’m still the publishing world’s bitch. I’ll just cower in my corner thinking I can write than be proved wrong by any number of editors, thank you very much.

Before today ends I will be signing up to do another NaNo. I have no idea what I will write about—but I’ve got 8 days to figure that shit out. I mean, seriously, it’s not like I made it through college being methodical and an expert planner. This isn’t exactly new territory for me. And I tend to do my best work under pressure.

So there it is, I’m NaNoing again. Please feel free to add me as a writing buddy should you be trying for glory yourselves. We can bask in our success together. Hell, maybe we’ll even plan a legendary New Year’s Eve meeting someplace cool to celebrate having 50,000 words done we’ll never get published!! Well, that will be my toast to ring in the New Year.

Oh, as for the photo above, that’s me. Pretty much the most recent photo of me from one of my photography classes I’m doing. Don’t I look focussed? See what I did there?

Happy writing, all.

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