The A to Z Challenge

I have been waiting for inspiration again. I thought that perhaps by completing the NaNoWriMo again last November that I might have found a way to channel some energy and focus into my writing again … alas I was wrong.But then a couple of weeks ago I was led to World Nomads, the site where I get all of my travel insurance from. World Nomads were running a travel writing contest, and after deliberating for a few days, I was convinced, and also convinced myself, to enter. I wrote my 2500 character piece on something travel-related that left an impression on me, selected two locations on in the Balkans that I would like to visit, and then suffered through the unenviable task of writing 1500 characters on why I deserve to win rather than someone else. This was the hardest part of the entry process for me. Really, how can I justify that I a deserve a free trip and travel writing workshop more than anyone else? We are all deserving in our own unique way. But I did it. I tried to be humble. Not sure how well that came off though.

With the entry done several days before the March 21st deadline, my fellow writer Kim told me of the A to Z Challenge that she took part in last year. After reading some of her entries, I decided that this might be the perfect way for me to get back into blogging and other writing again. So, starting April 1st and continuing until the 30th, I will be writing 26 blogs in April. Each day will be a different letter, starting with A and ending with Z, and I have decided my theme will be travel. Lord knows I’ve been lucky enough to have done enough to fill a few hundred of these challenges.

Another advantage of doing this challenge is that it takes my mind of the competition I entered with World Nomads. They will pick three winners to attend this travel writing workshop and then embark on 11 days through the Balkans, blogging and writing as they go. When the contest closed there were just under 8000 entries for the judges to sift through. The winners and special mentions will appear on the World Nomads website on 12 April. By keeping myself occupied until the winners are revealed, I won’t think about how I need to break it to my boss that I’ll need some time off in June to take advantage of a free flight, a free writing workshop, and other free goodies. Yeah, I should just stop thinking altogether.

That’s it for now. It’s felt very natural being at the keyboard again. I hope to see some of you around and even respond to some comments again. And keep watching your feeds for comments from me. It’s time I played with the online world again.



8 thoughts on “The A to Z Challenge

  1. Hi Geraint. I am entering this one month madness for the third time and can definitely say it is worth the strain. I have also learned it is not cheating to write the blog posts ahead. Twenty six in 30 days is harder than it sounds and can become unmanageable when life, notice I did not say if life, but when life throws a speed bump in your path.

    My theme this year is to lay out a novel concept I will dive into come NaNoWriMo 2017. It is a historical fiction concept about three Civil War veterans who head west in 1866 to seek their fortune. Along the way they meet a beautiful redhead who is desperately trying to save her family’s timber and lumber business. I would love to have you drop by to check it out.

    Joe @ the Fiction Playground visiting from the A to Z Challenge

    • Hi Joe,
      Thank you for stopping by my blog. Hopefully over the course of April there’s enough there to keep you coming back to it as well.
      I really like your concept for the Challenge as well. I went into NaNo completely blind last year, which is never good. And your premise sounds really interesting. I look forward to reading it.

  2. Hi Geraint, I remember you from, where I used to be a member. Thanks for following my blog.
    Welcome to the A-Z Challenge. I haven’t entered this year, though I have done a couple previously. I’d like to see how your A-Z travel blog entries go.
    Good luck also with the travel writing comp! 🙂

    • Hello Linda. Yeah, I started at back in 2006. Much different theme then … although that can change. The Penguin remains the same though. Hopefully I don’t disappoint. See you on the blogosphere

    • Thank you very much. So far so good with the challenge. Keeping it travel related has helped too

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