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Well hello everyone,

I know there is nothing planned for Sunday, but I thought I would take this opportunity to say a few things and thank a few people. Why? Because I can and because you all deserve it.

If you take a look at my blog history on WordPress, you will notice that are some serious moments of sparseness. I start out with great intentions and then I let the procrastinator in me take over and the rest is history. Seriously, if procrastination were an Olympic event, I’d fail to win the gold medal as I’d say to myself I can compete tomorrow.

I started this challenge to try and get myself into the habit of writing again, something I have loved doing since I was a teenager. So far so good, but a lot of that is down to you. You know who you are, but others deserve to know and read your stuff too. So, without further ado, here’s a list of a few bloggers who have helped me hit my stride this April. My sincere apologies if I have forgotten anyone. I plan on doing a second list at the end of April of different bloggers who I’ve only recently found. I think we should all continue to push each other to blog often and blog greatly. Blog greatly … is that a thing? It should be I guess.

The Ramblings of K – It was Kim who told me about the A to Z Challenge and pushed me into it. Thank you my friend. You really need to check out her blog if you’re into travel and photography. She mixes information with personal experience. A very good read.

Natasha Musing – A little bit of everything here. Travel, personal experience, perhaps something a little deeper and emotional. Natasha dabs her hands in everything – and does it well.

Vanessence – For the A to Challenge she’s writing a story one word at a time. I find it fun to try and guess the next word – and so far she has been gracious enough not to yell at me in the comments when I’ve suggested some pretty stupid words. A great idea for the challenge from this excellent blogger.

Bug Bytes – Quickly becoming the place I go for a little/lot of comedy. Her family is not safe from the witty exchanges put down on her blog. Wonderful stuff. Glad I stumbled across this blog.

Home, Hugs, & Huskies and Lindsay Lovin Life – Two blogs by the same person. A two very good blogs by he same person. Not sure how she does, running two blogs when I struggle to run a quarter of mine. One blog is geared more towards to writing, but you should check out both.

Dorky Mom Doodles – Exactly what the name implies. She’s a mom who doodles the happenings of her family. Hilarity ensues. Very creative.

Radhika’s Reflection – Very well-written, often spiritual, but always from the heart. Always makes me question things, which is very hard to do.

A Journey to Courageous Living – Another mix of everything blog, and another one I am glad I stumbled upon. Often funny, often enlightening, but always from the heart and full of truth. This blogger really puts herself out there, which to me is why we should blog.

Simply Marquessa – Her A to Z Challenge tells the tale of a dying lady on her trip to Hawaii to finally live. She’s crafted some great characters, the setting is fantastic, and the writing is really good too. I’ve been enjoying the story so far, even if I don’t quite trust one of the central characters … but I suppose good writing should do that.

Fiction Playground – Joe is introducing us to the characters that make up the novel he’ll be crafting during NaNoWriMo this year. He gives just enough information about each to keep you interested … November can’t come soon enough.

The Three Dimensional Living World – Even though she’s on that other blog site, I look forward to Karnika’s daily posts. Always insightful and full of truths, she really cares about what she is writing for us all.

Addison Albright – Addison is recapping her novel piece by piece. Her descriptions are subtle, deftly allowing the reader to fill in blanks, to form our own images of what we should hear or feel. I like that a lot. Great writing and an intriguing story to boot.

Megan Morgan – For the A to Z Challenge, Megan is telling us all why we shouldn’t write – and it is hilarious, seriously hilarious. It takes a special person to write comedy. And this is pure gold in many cases. Plus she’s always happy to respond to comments, even my most idiotic ones.

Square Pegs – Another one on that other blog site, but don’t hold it against him. This Australian blogger has tapped into my childhood headbanger and is featuring a different metal band a day during the challenge. For his dedication to this topic alone, he should be saluted. Always friendly and quick to reply with comments of his own, this is a great blog to follow.

John Holton – No post of thank yous is complete without mentioning the person behind this challenge. Thank you very much for your dedication to keep this going and for allowing me to find this great bloggers listed above, and others I have obviously forgotten to mention.

One last thing before I go … So far I have been really pleased with the comments and feedback I am seeing on my posts and others, and long may it continue. I have left previous blogging sites because the feedback became personal, became heated, and became downright nasty. Now I’m a big boy, a grown up with grown up responsibilities, and I blog because I love to write and I love to read what others write. I might not always agree with what is said, but I will argue all day with anyone for your right to say it.

Please feel free to comment on something I write. If you don’t agree or don’t like it, you can tell me, but don’t insult me about it. Let’s not make it personal. We’re all writers here, and very few of us are actually getting paid to be writers here. We should be encouraging each other and pushing each other forward, not trying to censor each other and keep us down. There are enough people out there who are willing and ready to do that. Fellow writers should not.

And now that I’m done being all serious … enjoy your Sunday. Have a Happy Easter for those who celebrate it. For those who don’t, find a reason to eat chocolate anyway (just like I will).

See you all on Monday (if not before as I answer comments here).



9 thoughts on “M & N – A Halfway Bonus Blog

  1. Hi Geraint. Indeed a bonus for me to find my blog mentioned in your post.Thanks a lot!!
    I often keep talking about the experiences of your safari to my family. I am glad that I found your blog through his challenge. I am experiencing a virtual wildlife tour through your blog😀👍

  2. Hey Ger,

    That’s so very kind of you. I’m truly touched.

    Yes, I think we should keep pushing each other to write and how about doing the NaNoWriMo this year?

    I took to blogging only last year in December, ever since then there’s been no looking back. I quit my consulting work with the Development sector to write for myself. I used to write randomly and post on Facebook. Also had a Blogger account from 10 years back which was dead.

    And I haven’t felt so gratified in life ever. By doing what I am passionate about has given me a different high altogether. Better than the stuff you get in Amsterdam 😉

    I’m hoping to compile my AtoZ series into an e-book/ book. What do you think?


  3. It’s so refreshing reading this post when you thank everyone who inspires you and pushes you to keep writing, blogging! I find this community very positive. Most of the nasty comments got dumped into the spam by WP. I love it. I signed up for A-Z before it started, but it kept saying my URL is invalid, and I couldn’t find out if I needed a theme throughout. Anyway, next time. Maybe I’ll find out more about the other writing challenge that was mentioned. By the way, we went to Amsterdam, it’s beautiful. I wish we could have sent more time at the Van Gogh Museum. Great to be connected with you!

    • I know we write because we like to, but it’s also great when people like what we read. We should be kinder to each other on here – everywhere really – but as creative souls we should encourage each other

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