Who am I? 30 Facts About Me

Since my long absence from this blog site has officially ended, and my participation in the A to Z Challenge has introduced me to some wonderful and talented new readers and writers, I thought it might be appropriate to tell you all a little bit about myself. I mean, you can comb through the seedy underworld of my past blog entries, but I wouldn’t expect you to do that. Instead, as I’m a gracious and giving individual (and I really like talking about myself), I shall present you with a little list so you can all get to know me better (and more than likely run for the hills screaming your lungs out).

  1. The meaning of Geraint is unknown but is sometimes seen as “belonging to me” or “old man” from the Greek “geron” meaning old. Learning how to pronounce Geraint looks difficult but is actually very simple, say the “Ger” to rhyme with “glare” and “raint” to rhyme with “pint,” with the emphasis on “Ger.”
  2. I am right footed, right handed, and right most of the time.
  3. My two sisters are better than me in every way.
  4. I have no tattoos.
  5. My least favourite question is “What is your favourite movie?”
  6. Just because I grew up in Canada, do not assume I like Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, or Justin Bieber.
  7. Believe it or not, I was a really cute kid.
  8. I have a stutter.
  9. I was once bitten by a penguin.
  10. I used to sleepwalk at inopportune times.
  11. Cape Town is my favourite city I’ve visited.
  12. I don’t suffer a hangover if I drink vodka, comrades.
  13. I randomly quote films and songs.
  14. I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die (see above).
  15. I have been in Dubai nearly 5 years now.
  16. According to Facebook trivia, my stripper name would be Fluffy George.
  17. I know how they get the caramel inside a Caramilk bar.
  18. Someone once said I reminded her of Will Smith. Me thinks she got her actors mixed up.
  19. I have moves like Jagger.
  20. I have had one cup of coffee in over 20 years.
  21. Boxers
  22. I once served one of my sporting heroes when I worked at McDonalds (worst 6 weeks ever by the way).
  23. I’ve always had pets.
  24. I collect watches and cufflinks.
  25. I love football (soccer for the uneducated).
  26. I like mindless comedies.
  27. I like words that sound dirty but aren’t.
  28. I love it when a plan comes together (see point 13)
  29. I have never kept up with the Kardashians.
  30. My idea of a love poem is a dirty limerick.

And if you want to know anything else or have any of these expanded, just let me know.



17 thoughts on “Who am I? 30 Facts About Me

  1. Roman numerals. That is a point in itself. Funny one Geraint. I tried saying that but it came out wrong in all probability, old man. But then,…you don’t want the truth because deep down in places you talk about parties; you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall! Go figure (xiii).

  2. With you on #26, Geraint. Also so funny that you got bitten by a penguin once; perhaps that was what inspired your blog name? Glad to have known you better!

  3. Geraint, one of the Welsh Princes, also meaning great warrior, he was Enid’s love, and you can read about him in one of the oldest Welsh books the Mabinogion, if anyone is interested.
    You are handsome now Ger, and still cute in a way.

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