Pets, Pets, and more Pets

Natasha, whose blog can be found here, commented on yesterday’s blog that she would like to hear more about my pets and my pet peeves. I could also probably write a post about my pet pet peeves (issues I have with my pets) but that just sounds silly and a waste of your time so I won’t. Today I will just concentrate on my pets, from the two cats who currently possess me, to all the wonderful animals I have had over the years. An article on pet peeves will come at a later date (I promise Natasha).

So, pets. Who out there has some? For as long as I can remember, I’ve had pets. Either my own or those that belonged to my roommates or other members of family. There are some photos floating around albums at home of young Penguin in Wales sitting with some of the biggest rabbits the world has seen. Mind you, I was only 3 years old at most in these photos so the rabbits may not have been that big at all. We had a couple of rabbits while in Canada as well – one we found in our backyard and dad decided to make a hutch for it and the rest was rabbit history. One we got from a shop – we called him Ted. Ted couldn’t jump very well because he had the biggest set of rabbit nuts ever. Well, my exploration into rabbit nuts is limited, but Ted could have been in X-rated rabbit movies.

We had birds too, of course. Just your typical budgies (nothing fancy). I don’t really get the appeal of keeping budgies. If the bird can talk, that’s pretty cool, but budgies don’t do shit. There, I said it. Speaking of not doing shit – we had a plethora of fish too. Dad created this backlit aquarium under the staircase leading into the basement. It was pretty cool, but fish are fish, right? We had one of those suckerfish we called “Sucky”, as we were so dynamically creative it hurt. We had a couple of crayfish at times, and even an eel. The eel managed to escape the tank though and I came downstairs once to find him dead on the carpet, all dried out like a twig. Instead of a proper toilet burial I just took him into the laundry room and tossed him down the drain. Life is cruel, he had to learn. One of our newts went missing however. We think he crawled his way down the drain on his Shawshank Redemption route to freedom, but we’re not sure. For years we thought there might be a 200 pound newt living in the sewers of Edmonton, but we can neither verify nor deny this with facts. Some things are just best left to the imagination.

I was a young lad of around 8 when we got Fluffy, the husky-collie cross that would become my best friend growing up. He lived outdoors year round, even in the dead of a Canadian winter. When we brought him inside he would lie by the backdoor panting to be let outside again so we’d take him back out, chain him up, and let him bounce in snow drifts. We’d walk him every day (or he’d walk us seeing as though he topped out over 100 pounds), and he was the best neighbourhood protection ever. He would bark if anyone lingered in the back alley too long, and my dad and neighbours caught several people trying to syphon petrol or steal things from the yards of the houses around us. His weakness was people though. If you approached the fence he would put his front paws on it and expect some love. Good thing his bark kept most people away.

On no less than three occasions did we come outside to see that someone had cut through his chain. On each of those occasions, something had been stolen from neighbouring properties. Coincidence??? I think not. One day he got so worked up he tore a whole section of fence away. Not sure what got him riled up but my dad received a phone call from the police saying they had found our dog on the opposite side of town – he was dragging an 8 foot wide piece of fence behind him on a 30 foot chain. He was an absolute legend, and the day we put him down is the single saddest day of my life. It was awful so I will not talk about it now in this blog.

All told I’ve had nine cats. I had one growing up, that was left to me by some people on my paper route, to the few I shared with exes in Canada. I currently have the privilege of working for two domestic short hairs, who I brought over to Dubai from Saudi Arabia. Their mom was a rescued street cat, and despite telling my friends they should get her fixed, they opted to believe she was a good girl and wouldn’t succumb to any of the big tomcats that prowled the area. One litter of five kittens later … they still didn’t get her fixed. The friends who I took the cats from are South African so I gave them Afrikaans names – Liefie – meaning darling, and Meisie – meaning little girl.

Funny story about my current cats – they’ve been on more airplanes than some of my friends. I find this completely baffling to me. Seriously, how is that even possible? They have passports (I have friends who don’t have passports). What is up with that? Hmmm, that could totally segway into one of my pet peeves so I’ll leave it alone for now.

Meisie and Liefie have been with me through some pretty tough times. And even though cats are the most aloof animals on the planet, these two do seem to know when I could use a cuddle. Unlike most cats though, they are pretty sociable. I always tell friends not to wear really nice clothes over to my house as it is only a matter of time before one of my cats will sit in their lap. Seriously, they could have been dogs with the way that they act. They are sisters from the same litter, and although they will always have that bond, it is very rare when they will lie down together – the only exception is when they both curl up on the spare blanket I have in one of the drawers under my bed. Apart from that, they will fight for the prime space of being on dad’s lap. I can’t blame them, I am pretty cuddly myself.

Meisie is the more mischievous one of the two, although Liefie does like to sleep on my shoulder when I’m Skyping people. They both hate the vet, but Meisie will try and rip him apart, whereas Liefie just resigns herself to her fate and mews incessantly as she’s prepped for any inoculations she might need. Chicken is popular treat, as is tuna, but they prefer it from my plate rather than in their bowls – the cheeky buggers.

It’s just dawned on me … I’m one of those people who talk about their pets! I have no children, this is as close as I will get to having children (which is by choice by the way). So I’ll sign off on this tribute to my pets now. But just in case you’re curious, here they are, in all of their cat glory.







31 thoughts on “Pets, Pets, and more Pets

  1. I am one of those crazy dog women btw so I hear you. I think pets are like humans only they cannot mouth words and happen to be just the kindest creatures possible. I am so sorry to hear about Fluffy. It made me sad. Chaining up a dog can make him/her go a little nuts, if you know what I mean. We had a family friend who used to chain up his Dalmation regularly. When I visited them, I obviously went to him to pet him. He ripped my jeans and sank his teeth in too. Just after which my father chooses to tell me, “I was going to warn you that he bites”. The thing is that he bit everyone in that house. My belief is that the chaining up made him aggressive. I am not a cat person but your Meisie and Liefie sound cute.

    • I would love a dog again but I live in an apartment and I’m not home enough to give a dog the attention it deserves. Fluffy wasn’t aggressive at all, just loud when strangers would loiter. And we’d walk for hours. Didn’t have off leash parks then like we do now though. He would have loved those.
      My girls are lovely. Real characters.

      • I bet they are. They sound like they have a strong personality each. That apartment bit is the bummer that keeps us from having a dog friend too. It would be unfair on any dog to be cooped up inside one especially if it be a big dog. Ah, I see (about Fluffy). I assumed that he had to be put down because of the fact that he had possibly turned aggressive. My apologies.

      • No worries. Fluffy was nearly 16 when we put him down. He was nearly blind, had trouble breathing, couldn’t get around much. He was in pain. Sad day but ultimately necessary

      • Then I indeed apologise twice over. It is terrible to make assumptions which I just did! Fluffy lived a long and happy life then. Plus he had all your love. He had left behind a lot of happy memories I bet.

      • No need to apologize for an honest mistake, but apology accepted regardless. Oh yeah, he was awesome. Lots of great happy memories

  2. I recognised the names as Afrikaans from the previous post. I have to say it’s lovely to read such a besotted account of cats from a male they obviously mean a lot to you. I am an animal lover and my partner is not which is interesting because when pets have ‘mysteriously’ made their way into our home over the years they all adopt him. Animals know 🙂 Linda

    • Animals definitely know. One of my pet peeves is the people who just abandon pets when they move. It repulses me really and I can’t see how they can do it

  3. Great insight into your pet history. I tend to agree on the birds & fish, but that eel is an unusual pet. You’ve been lucky to have a wide variety of pets though. To date I’ve just had the 7 cats, and a dwarf bunny called Bruce. I like that you don’t play favourites with Liefie & Meisie too.

  4. Fluffy was great, such a lively dog, but your two pet girls, are the cutest two cats I have ever been around. Almost human, although, those nips hurt. I think she knew that I was your Mother, and did not want you to show me too much love, You were hers.

    • Sorry you lost one. My ex and I shared 4 but she got 2 and I got 2. All 4 of them were great on their own unique way

  5. We currently have nine cats in the house (Fluffy is the downstairs cat, she is part Maine Coon but not sure what else, she is huge!), the 8 upstairs used to be 2 and we thought both were girls…guess what, only Lucky was. She was a tiny baby when we got her, probably about 6 weeks old (she was a rescue who was given to us by friends) so we didn’t think anything of leaving them alone together. Apparently that wasn’t a good idea. 😛 Now I have 6 adorable (exasperating, annoying, spoiled rotten..) grandbabies who just turned a year old in March. Needless to say, Daddy Midnight got fixed the first chance we got so there wouldn’t be any repeats.

    The most we’ve had in the house at one time before now was five, mostly girls but the boy got fixed as soon as he was old enough. I have tons of pictures of all my furry babies and grandbabies, the one I wish I’d gotten a picture of, or been able to rescue off the digital camera (I know we took one, but I don’t have it so the camera must have died before we got the chance) was of my cat Gidget in her little black hoodie. She hated that thing, which is why we loved putting it on her, to annoy her. 😛 We’d even pull the little hood up, she REALLY hated that! I do manage to have one of her in a red and green Christmas sweater though, she didn’t like it either. She was 9 when we lost her, 3 years ago and I still miss her every day. They are the only babies I have, so they are my entire world, and no one better try to come between me and my furbrats, or they’ll wish they hadn’t!

    My display picture is of Mama Lucky when she was about 8 months old (it was around Christmas time, and the babies were born March 5, so she was probably already pregnant and I just couldn’t tell it yet). Amazingly, Midnight didn’t seem to mind getting fixed, at least he didn’t act mad at me for it. I think he was just happy that I came back to the vet to get him, he was a rescue too and I was afraid he’d think he was being abandoned yet again, but he was actually happy to see me, so yay! 😀

    • Wow, that is amazing. My two wouldn’t take too kindly to another cat coming in the house. Four is the most I’ve had at one time and they all liked to snuggle me at the same time. I give off enough heat without the cats lol.

      My two wouldn’t let me dress them up. I’d lose a limb at the very least.

      • Gidget was never happy about it, but we didn’t care, we did it anyway. 😛 Bubba learned to put up with it, but he wasn’t any happier about it.

        I’ll wake up with at least 4 cats on me or beside me, and if it’s really cold all 6 grandbabies, 0r 5 of them and their mom, with the other close by. If I’m downstairs for more than 2 minutes I’ll start hearing crying from upstairs because they can’t see me.

  6. Beautiful ‘kids’ you have! I’m a dog person, allergic to cat dander, but we had two … they were supposed to be litter mates, but the male was much smaller than the female..who turned out to be a Maine Coon…she was getting really large when hubby passed away and I, downsizing my household, took them to the shelter for readoption. Animals, any animals are wonderful reminders of the beauty in the world.

    • I definitely agree with animals reminding of the beauty in this world – and often lessons in how to be more humane

  7. Hmmm….I’ve only had a few low maintenance pets but recently I almost got sucked in by the cutest and saddest set of puppy dog eyes…and then someone said that dogs need to brush their teeth too and that set me straight! 😑

  8. Hola Ger!

    Dunno how I missed this post, but glad I stumbled upon it today while I was writing a Guest post for a friend’s blog on my favourite bloggers.(you being one of them) Ahem!

    I’m so glad you wrote about your pets. They all sound like a big family of quirky characters. Meisie and Liefie are absolutely adorbs. We have had dogs all our lives. Though I so wish we could have a cat, but our dogs can’t stand the sight of them especially Cotton, the older one. So we have no other choice but to give in to their whims. Tried keeping hamsters also twice but Cotton preyed upon them. :-(( She was pretty cool with our turtles-Izzy and Slash, but those poor guys did not survive the treacherous Delhi winters. 😦

    You’ve now inspired me to write a post on all the pets I’ve had.

    • I’m glad I inspired you to write about your pets, although it was your initial suggestion to me. I guess that is what they call full-circle lol

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