A Few of my Favourite Things

I know a couple of weeks ago I said I would get around to writing a blog on my pets and my pet peeves, and I covered my pets, but today I will avoid writing about things that annoy or irk me because, well, in the grand scheme of things given the events in Manchester and around the world recently, they’re not that important. Instead, because I’m a man of the people (even though a lot of them really do my head in), I have decided to list a few things that I love/like/admire instead. We need positivity today and every day. Let’s start with my little blog, shall we?

The smell of my mum’s rice pudding cooking. She gave me the recipe, but it will never be the same. And it tastes even better than it smells.

People with pets who treat them like family. Pets are not just there to keep us entertained. Pets are there to keep us loved and be loved as well. People who love their pets are pretty fine people in my books.



Random acts of kindness – whether it be people bringing sweets in to the office, someone giving up their seat on the metro or bus, or just lending a hand when not necessary. I really like that.


A nice rack. There, I said it ;).

That one shot per round of golf I play where I can hold the “tv” pose because the ball has gone exactly where I wanted it to.


Snuggles from my cats. Seriously, I often in hold in pee because I don’t want to give up the snuggles.

When the guy who cuts me off in traffic and is driving like a fool is stopped by police a little further down the road.

When I’m the only person on my quiz team to know an answer and I get to remind them of it for the next month.


Autumn. It’s my favourite season – although I don’t get to experience it here in Dubai. I love when the leaves turn yellow, orange, red, and purple.

That Nicholas Cage was not cast as Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings films.

Teachers. Sometimes they’re the only ones trying to educate kids properly.

Safaris. Nothing further needs to be said.

French toast. French fries. French champagne. French kissing.


There was no French kissing on my part here

Nice firm seedless grapes. I hate when they are squishy.



This should be a good starting point. Please comment and tell me some of your favourite things. Be silly if you want, or serious. But I’d like to know.




39 thoughts on “A Few of my Favourite Things

  1. What a great way to start the day. I love the smell of rain and freshly cut lawn. Your cats are adorable. Thanks for sharing your favourite things with us.

  2. I can relate to some of these … I love rice pudding, my beautiful cats, kindness, and safaris. I have a nice rack (not sure that’s the same as liking them lol). But I would add … I love a well written novel, being cosy indoors with a wild storm raging outside, travel, the smell of camp fires, kookaburras & magpie song in the morning, a fit of giggles, vast landscapes, and compassionate people.

    • That is an impressive list and some really good ones too. Campfires are an excellent addition

  3. Woodsmoke outdoors on a warm evening, laughter,children squealing during a fun game, the smell of the sea, bird song especially after rain,freshly cut grass,sunshine,and my wonderful large family,especially my children and grandchildren.I Love those things.

  4. This post is too sweet. I especially love your photo with the penguin. A few of my favorite things are bubble wrap, dessert after dinner, and that feeling of happiness after watching a good film.

  5. Petrichor. Smile from a stranger. A nod from a fellow jogger in the park. Baking smells. Big dogs. Books. Cold coffee. Anne of Green Gables (because of the Netflix show, Anne, I was reminded of how I loved the series). Everything French 😉 I hope your cat admires the sacrifices 😀

  6. Oh, so cute. We have two cats and one dog. Whenever we are on the couch, the cats are all over us. Then, that upsets the dog because he is too big to snuggle with all of us on the couch lol

    • Thank you for stopping by. That sounds about right. And the cats know he can’t so there’s that lol

  7. Great share Ger. And such a cute kitty! 🐱 My favorite things could go on for days so here are a few from today: Tasting salt from the ocean on my lips after a day at the beach, waking up and falling asleep to the sound of the waves hitting the sand, the warmth and friendliest of island people, the sand dollar given to me by a stranger for no reason, a glass of tamarind juice and a cold glass of local Cappriccio sangria at the end of the day. I could go on but I won’t.😋

  8. That’s an impressive list Ger. I relate to the bit about holding ones pee to cuddle up with ones pet. I do it all the time with my Shitzu, Laila. lol!

    My favourite things include sky gazing in the night, cuddling up to Laila, sleeping, long meaningful conversations with the people closest to me, a tall glass of frappuccino, watching sunsets and sunrises, beach combing, lazing around by the beach, the smell of pines on a mountain walk, rain and getting drenched in the rain, sangrias, lemon lavender cake, cuddles from my daughters, walking barefoot on grass, hugs and kisses, reading a nail biting saga, writing, food of myriad kinds. Ah! And the list is endless😊😊

  9. Lovely list! A few of my favorite things are snuggles from my kids, new baby smell (which is even better than new car smell), and the sound of ocean waves.

  10. My furry grandbabies snuggled up with me on my bed (unless I really really have to go to the bathroom, then I spend ten minutes moving them off of me so I can get up, they apparently think this is a game where Grandma shoves them away and then they move right back to the same spot twenty times in a row).

    The smell (and taste) of freshly brewed coffee. Since my coffee maker decided to die on me several months ago though, I no longer have coffee at home but I still have my tea, so I still get my caffeine fix every day.

    Freshly mown grass is not on my list, I have asthma and apparently also a lot of allergies to things like pollen (from trees, grass, whatever) and either way it gives me breathing problems every time the neighbors mow, especially if they all decide to mow on the same day…fun times.

    While I like Nic Cage as an actor, I am also happy that he did not play Aragorn, and also that Viggo did because IMO he did an excellent job. (Of course I didn’t think anybody would be able to beat Nicholson’s portrayal of the Joker either, then Heath came along and blew that right out of the water…now his portrayal is my favorite. I can’t watch The Dark Knight without laughing my butt off every time he’s onscreen…I can’t help it, my sense of humor is slightly skewed 😛 )

    Rocky Road ice cream (still my favorite flavor, even before the Weird Al song, which i also happen to love)…heck, anything chocolate…anyone know how I can get a lifetime supply of Chocolate Frogs? 😛

    Swedish Fish…you can never have too much of this. They even have different colors/flavors around holiday time, just for variety’s sake I suppose. Love the different colored/flavored ones, but my favorite color/flavor is always going to be red. (If you’ve ever had them, you’ll understand. If you’ve never had them, then what’s wrong with you go get some NOW)

    My furry grandbabies giving me hugs for no apparent reason (okay, right now there’s a reason, all the little buggers are in heat at the same time and being VERY annoying) and just generally being adorable.

    Getting brand new notebooks and then just staring at them for hours, trying to decide what to write in them first…oh, the possibilities!

    • Great list. I do know what Swedish Fish are. A store near me sold them in yellow and green as well.
      Heath did kick butt as the joker as well. Glad they took it darker though

      • Yeah, I was glad they did as well. We went to the midnight showing at our local theater, and then I went back the next night and watched it by myself. I was sitting in the front row the first night and I think either the front row again or the second row the next night, and the second time there was a woman behind me with her kid (who was probably around 12 or so) and every time the Joker was on screen I was laughing my head off and she kept giving me strange looks, like I was the crazy one…lady, you have no idea. 😛 I especially got a kick out of the Joker painting the “S” on the side of the semi truck, the one that originally said “Laughter is the best medicine”. I didn’t catch it the first time and had it pointed out to me, so I watched for it the second time, then couldn’t stop laughing about it. I admit it, my sense of humor is slightly twisted. I can’t help it where the Joker’s concerned, even when he’s being an evil so-and-so, he’s absolutely hilarious. All of my favorite quotes from that movie are by him, and there are just so many of them. 😀

  11. Thank you for sharing.
    My favorite thing is hugging my grandson, smelling his hair either fresh washed or little boy sweaty ,doesn’t matter. Makes my heart smile.
    Looking forward to your pet peeves.

  12. Wonderful theme, and witty! I like when my daughter’s cat Africa purrs and cuddles instead of snarling and swiping! I like soft jelly candies, I like inspiring quotes and smiling people.

    • My cats are much better when cuddling and purring as well. Those are all good additions to any list. Thank you for reading and commenting

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