The Mix Tape of my Life

My talented blogging friend, safari junkie, and all around super friend Kim suggested I finally write a post about the mix tape of my life. And I agree. But I’m only agreeing because she called it a mix tape and not an iPod playlist – I’m old school people. I remember just how special the mix tape was. Granted, I love the fact I can go online and buy a nice clean copy of any song I want to now (no annoying DJ coming on at the end of the song to ruin it after you waited all day to hit play/record at the same time on your boom box once the opening riffs of the song appeared on your radio). Back then I was so elated when I got a double cassette and CD playing boom box – it meant I could record straight from another cassette tape or from a CD. My mix tape making prowess was growing. And yes, there may be a few Geraint made mix CDs floating about in this world … but I’d be hard pressed to tell you what is on them or where they are. Anyways, back to the awesome soundtrack of my awesome life. I haven’t really thought this through too much about the set-up but I’ll try it this way and will probably just leave it as I am pretty lazy.

We’re going to assume I am using a TDK 90 minute cassette tape here – 45 minutes on each side if you want me to do the maths for you!

Side 1 Side 2
Paperback Writer – Beatles                                                           2:18 I Fought the Law – Clash                                   2:40
Gold on the Ceiling – Black Keys                     3:44 Dakota – Stereophonics                                    4:58
Lego House – Ed Sheeran                                                3:05 Same Love – Macklemore                                                5:18
Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen                         5:55 Bring it on Home to Me – Sam Cooke            2:45
Don’t you (Forget about Me) – Simple Minds                4:21 Heterosexual Man – Odds                                 3:34
All These Things … – Killers                              5:02 My Finest Hour – Sundays                                 3:59
Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon                              3:23 Bad – U2                                                               5;51
Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO                             3:19 Can’t Stop the Feeling – JT                               3:56
Don’t Look Back in Anger – Oasis                   4:48 Wheat Kings – Tragically Hip                            4:19
Budapest – George Ezra                                   3:20 Crying, Waiting, Hoping – Buddy Holly           2:03
Don’t Stop Believing – Journey                        4:08 She Sells Sanctuary – Cult                                                4:18


Allowing for a few seconds between each song, because let’s be honest, they shouldn’t just flow into each other like writhing 20-somethings at a rave, each of these sides comes in at just over 44 minutes. Go ahead, add up the times, I dare you. I put them there for your benefit. I’m nothing if not thorough (said no one ever).

I won’t go into every song on the playlist, but I will cover some of them. You know, especially the obscure ones. And you might notice that the songs range from 1958 until today. That’s pretty awesome (like me) if you ask me.

Paperback Writer – This is probably the first song that defined my life. Ever since I was 12 I wanted to write a book. This song became my identity. Two unpublished completed books later, this song is still on my iPod playlist.

Sexy and I Know It – This song was huge when I lived in Saudi Arabia and every time we would play it at a BBQ I would have to do the dance, because, well, you know, I had to. It kind of became my Saudi anthem. It stirs up some fond memories of great people there.

Don’t You (Forget About Me) – You’ll know this from the Breakfast Club, and that’s where I heard it first. I was a teen when that film came out, and as such, it carved a niche into me. I wanted to be all of them rolled into one superteen after I saw that film. This song just reminds me of it and I can’t help but smile.

Dakota – A little Welsh content for you here. A superb song by a really unknown band outside of the UK really. Seriously solid track and brings me back to my roots.

Heterosexual Man – This song is probably my 90s theme song. Okay, no probably about it. It’s fun and infectious. And completely to the point. Here’s a sampling of the lyrics:

I wanna make every woman I see.

I wanna make every woman I see.

Maybe, make her make a baby with me,

Cause I’m a heterosexual man.

Crying, Waiting, Hoping – Every summer my dad and my little sister and I would spends weeks out camping, hiking and fishing. In the car we would listen to his music, so we got a lot of 50s and 60s rock and roll. Buddy Holly was a lasting favourite and this is my favourite song of his. It forms the soundtrack of my summer holidays.

She Sells Sanctuary – My all-time favourite song from the 80s by one of my favourite bands. This will go on any playlist I create from now until I die.

Wheat Kings – You don’t get more Canadian than this. The singer of the band announced last year that he had an inoperable brain tumour, so he did what anyone in that condition would – he went on a Canada-wide tour one last time. This song just resonates with me.

There are so many more I could have included, but each and every one of these songs is currently on my iPod and I never press the “forward” button when any one of them is on. If you want to know how any of the other ones relate to my awesomeness, please ask. I’m also very interested to hear any songs you would put on your mix tape of your own awesome life.



22 thoughts on “The Mix Tape of my Life

  1. Haha! 😂 You’re definitely in comedian mode today, very entertaining post. But … Nice mix tape (I couldn’t see it on WordPress, so had to hit “visit” site)!! I’m digging a whole bunch of those … especially Kings of Leon, Black Keys, Simple Minds … but Stereophonics tops it, they’re a favourite of mine. Hmmm perhaps I should do a mix tape post too 🤔🤔

  2. Oh that is quite a fetching list!!
    Glad you took up this challenge. Kim you go girl👍🏼😊

    The current anthem of my life would be Summer Wine. Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood version. It comes back to haunt me each Indian summer. 😊

    Next on the list is Here comes the Sun by Beetles, though I’m not a Beetles fan. More of a Lenon fan I would say.
    Oh this mix tape thingie is interesting. There are way too many on my list.

    And Ger have you stopped reading my blog post AtoZ?! Lol

  3. Some of my favourites are House of the Rising Sun by Eric Burden and the Animals, a great song, Let it Be the Beatles, Mull of Kintyre Paul McCartney and Wings, Son of a Preacher Man Dudty Springfield, Downtown Petula Clark, anything by Queen, love Freddie Mercury,Green Green Grass of Home Tom Jones,Lola The Kinks, I know, there are numerous others, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Jumping Jack Flash, oh well, not as good as yours, but I should not forget Olivia Newton John Physical. Not as eclectic as yours I’ m afraid, but I like them.

    • Figured I’d see Private Dancer by Tina Turner on your list for sure. Let me down there, mum

  4. Oh yes, I forgot A whiter Shade of Pale, by the Harlem Globetrotters group, not the Basketball players. Though they were great as well.

  5. Argh…I remember the days of waiting patiently and then running to tape a song off the radio and the DJ ruining it! I still have my 1992 double cassette 5 CD stereo that I still use from time to time! As for my own mix tape of my life, I couldn’t even begin to make one. Too many songs with too many genres on my Zune (yup, no ipod just not to follow the crowd) so it could go from 1950s to present day 🙄 I couldn’t see your full list from my cell but I love the descriptions you provided!

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