So Few Thoughts, even Fewer Words

“Who is more to be pitied, a writer bound and gagged by policemen or one living in perfect freedom who has nothing more to say?”  Kurt Vonnegut Jr


So there it is. Pity me, I suppose. I’m not locked up, incarcerated, trapped behind bars. I’m not living under some terrible curse that says if I type another word someone close to me will die. There’s not even a tiny explosive device hidden under one of the letters on my keyboard, and by pressing it I would release a toxic gas into the air and bad things would happen for miles around. And if I were to concoct such a plan, would I use the most common letters on the keyboard, or would these ones be too obvious and easier to detect?

None of that is pertinent to me or my writing life. Instead, I’m the guy living in perfect freedom (from a writing aspect since I don’t talk about the ‘real’ subjects that seem to get people into trouble), who just can’t find anything to say at the moment. There’s probably lots of stuff in there, swirling around like a soft serve ice cream being twisted onto a cone, but right now, it just doesn’t really want to surface. I have lots of free time in the evenings – even with my now second quiz night to attend, but words just find a way to stay away. My muse must have the attention span of a teenage boy. Or the guy at a strip club for the first time and he doesn’t know where to look. Whiplash ensues, pouting begins, fun is had by no one. So yeah, that must be my muse at the moment.

In less than three weeks I’m off on another safari. I’ll be meeting Kim there for a joint-birthday trip. It promises to be epic. I should be writing my butt off about that, but I can’t. I should be writing about my decisions to make with regards to my photography with that trip – is this the trip I try to take my photography to the next level? Should I change my Instagram name into something that more resembles my blog and not the rather cute but possibly childish @gerthepenguin? How should I design my watermark so no one can steal my upcoming excellent photographs? After the brief explosion of a thought, my mind goes blank.

Ten years ago today I left the UK, where I had been on an extended layover, for Saudi Arabia. While I touched Saudi soil for the first time the following day, this was the day/night I actually began my two year Middle Eastern adventure.  Even my maths are not that terrible. I know 10 years is at least 4 years longer than 2 years. At least! But I’ve blogged that topic to death, and now that I’ve been in Dubai for five years – can’t really believe it’s been that long either – Saudi seems like such a long time ago. I suppose a full decade is a long time ago. But I digress.

My life, dear reader(s), has not just been a battle with blockage and a missing muse. No, I have been busy and trying to get the creative juices flowing. As well as my usual Monday night quiz night, where I might just be the smartest person in the room (said no one besides me I might add), I have been doing some online learning. I’m enrolled in some (okay, a lot) of African safari courses, and I’ve been having a great time learning again. It’s really weird because I hated school when I was a teen (possibly because of all of the abuse I would get because of my stutter, my lack of height, my pigeon-toes, and my bow-leggedness), but I love it as an adult. Maybe I am a classic mature student? I have no idea what I’ll do with these courses when I’m done, but it has been great learning more about something I’m passionate about. Perhaps in the not-so-distant future I’ll actually blog about the courses. In fact, I probably should one of these days. Make note, muse, this is happening.

So yeah, that’s about it. Hopefully the blogs will return at a frequent rate until I go to Africa and then it is silence again. But a good silence. A planned silence. I trust everyone out there in the blog world is well and treating each other fairly and a hell of a lot more creative than I am. Good, glad to hear it. Stay safe people, stay safe. And yes, I have a lot of catching up to do. I look forward to it.



17 thoughts on “So Few Thoughts, even Fewer Words

  1. As and when, Ger… blogging’s like that. I have an urge to write something, anything, daily, so it must be done. Not very helpful when nothing’s there, but I get by somehow. But that’s me. Enjoy your time between and post again when you’re ready!

    • On an older blog I would blog over 300 times a year, most of it crap of course, but I got stuff down. I need to find that again

  2. Great to see you writing again 😊 No shortage of words there either! And you seem to have hit upon some future topics … epic double-Birthday safari (when it’s finished maybe), the awesome course (is it okay I’m feeling an inflated sense of smug pride over that photography course??), the trials and tribulations of learning photography, your genius quiz brain, and cunning plot to rig keyboards (may I suggest the space bar? No avoiding it lol). I’d love to see some travel stories about Canada too. Just saying 😀

    • Space bar is too obvious. Like the letter E. it would have to be rather more sneaky than that.
      And smug away lol

  3. Since I don’t know you, I will just wish you happy travels and may your safari with Kim be everything you could wish for.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and “liking” my local park. This is a place I find much fun and also, comfort in. Take care and best wishes, Robin 💐

    • Hello Robin.
      Thanks for the well wishes and for stopping by as well. We all need a place we find comfort in – right now mine is on my sofa with my two cats.

      • Sofas are cozy and comfy, I must agree. Your cats are undoubtedly good company. I cat-sit two who are so funny and clever when my friend and her husband leave town. I even have attempted poems about their escapades. Going off to bed before midnight as I get up at 5 on this side of the world. 🙂

      • I could write books about mine but I’m not there yet. Must find other things to write about first.

  4. Now we know where you’ve been hiding Ger. Lots cooking at your end do I believe you will be back with a double dose of vengeance. Also exciting times ahead with the impending trip.
    Have fun. See you in blogosphere soonest!
    Happy tidings!

    • Thank you. I need to catch up on reading but I do have a couple of quiet weekends coming up 😀

  5. You sure have a lot to say for not having anything to say. 🙂 Letting the letters roll off a completely safe keyboard seems to be what you are very good at! Have an amazing time in Africa with Kim!! Travel experiences are the best muses I know!

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